VIDEO – July 14, 2019, the Verstappen-Leclerc duel animated the British Grand Prix

On July 14, 2019, during the British Grand Prix, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc were the protagonists of a fantastic duel lasting several laps. A look back at one of the best battles on the track in recent years.

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Jeremy Satis

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VIDEO – July 14, 2019, the Verstappen-Leclerc duel animated the British Grand Prix

The duel between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc was appreciated by everyone. ©DPPI

In 2019, their rivalry dating back to the days of karting had revealed itself to the eyes of the world. A week before the British Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc, then leader of the Austrian Grand Prix, had seen Max Verstappen coming back on him with a vengeance until he carried out a fatal attack 3 laps from the end, at the limit of the acceptable, pushing the Monegasque slightly off track, to go and get a 6e career victory. A pass of arms which followed one of the most hotly contested duels of the last 10 years.

Silverstone witness a breathtaking duel

July 14, 2019. We are at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix, two weeks after the face-to-face between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen at Spielberg. In Leclerc's mind, the images of his Austrian duel with Max are still fresh. He assures him, he will strengthen his game, and respond blow for blow to this Dutchman he knows so well. That was good news, since these two were about to meet again on the track.

In the fight for 3e step of the podium, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen hosted the British meeting from the 10e round. Hunting the pilot Ferrari, the future world champion attempted a first attack at the start of Stowe but came up against a tough Leclerc, firmly clinging to his 3e position.

Neck to neck during the 1e part of the race, the two men decided to follow their strategy by stopping at 14e passage. In the pit lane, it's Red Bull who was doing well since a slightly quicker stop allowed Max Verstappen to come out a few centimeters in front of Charles Leclerc's nose. Not enough to destabilize the Monegasque who recovered his right a few hectometers further, when his rival missed braking for turn 4 and passed back behind.

One shot, one shot the other

Left behind by his counterpart, the Batavian returned to the charge on the 17the turn but here again the man from the Scuderia showed himself to be recalcitrant, defending his position body and soul. In the process, Verstappen tried once again without finding the opening, despite two attacks.

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc put on a great show on the track. ©DPPI/F. Flemish

The opening, the Red Bull representative will ultimately not find it on the track but in the pit lane. Taking advantage of the entry of the Safety Car caused by Antonio Giovinazzi's exit from the track at 20e lap, Max Verstappen dived into the pit lane while Charles Leclerc remained on the track for 2 more laps.

Started at 10e passage, the battle ends on the 24e when Max Verstappen finally manages to gain the upper hand over Charles Leclerc at the exit of the last chicane. If the duel turned out in favor of the Dutchman, it was the Monegasque who found himself in front at the finish with a 3e place against a 5e for his counterpart, hit from behind and sent into the gravel by Sebastian Vettel in the 2nd part of the race.

« I've never had so much fun F1, enjoyed Charles Leclerc at the time. It was a lot of fun, always on the limit but always within the rules. » These two put on a great show three years later in Bahrain, Jeddah and Austria in 2022, before Red Bull and Max decided to evolve a notch above everyone for more than a year …


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