WTCC to adopt time trial in 2016

The organizers of the WTCC will set up a time trial in its meetings which will be reserved for the Manufacturers' Championship.

Published on 02/10/2015 à 11:42


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WTCC to adopt time trial in 2016

From 2016, the WTCC will adopt the “Manufacturers Against the Clock” (MAC3) which will allow manufacturers to collect additional points. Each manufacturer will nominate three drivers to participate in the timed event contested just after Q3.

The timer will begin when the first car crosses the starting line and will end as soon as the last car has completed the required number of laps (minimum distance of 10km on each circuit). The Nürburgring Nordschleife (Germany) will be an exception due to the size of the route which exceeds 20km.

The points system that will be adopted for the MAC3 will offer a maximum of ten units for the victorious manufacturer : 10, 8, 6, 3, 2 and 1.

While parc ferme will remain in effect after Q3, cars participating in MAC3 will be able to be refueled and receive a new set of tires. The manufacturers will compete in the MAC3 in reverse order of classification.

The WTCC organizers have specified that the implementation of this time trial will make it possible to obtain greater television coverage and to complement the race weekends more generally.

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