Jaguar celebrates perfect team strategy in Monaco

The Jaguar team mastered its subject perfectly this Saturday in Monaco to score a double during the eighth round of the Formula E season. Mitch Evans crossed the finish line as the winner ahead of his teammate Nick Cassidy. The two men provided a lesson in teamwork throughout the race.

Published on 28/04/2024 à 13:29

Michael Duforest

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Jaguar celebrates perfect team strategy in Monaco

The two Jaguars led the peloton for a long time on Saturday, managing their strategy to perfection. © DPPI

Both starting from the second row after failing to reach the semi-final stage in qualifying, Evans and Cassidy had to wait around ten laps before positioning themselves at the head of the pack. This is when the Jaguar strategy was able to work perfectly.

Second, Cassidy held off the pack, allowing Evans to escape before taking his final Attack Mode. Initially intended as an aid to overtaking, this mode, which offers drivers more power for a total of eight minutes in the race, leads to a riot of energy. This is how since the arrival of Gen3, pilots using Attack Mode are more in an economy posture rather than an attack posture.

Evans therefore found himself behind Cassidy during the deployment of his Attack Mode, and it was the latter who was then able to escape! The positions of the two drivers were reversed when Cassidy also had to go into Attack Mode. The end result, a Jaguar double, obviously makes the team very proud of such work between the teammates.

“I’m so proud of the team”, explained Team Principal James Barclay. “The way the team and drivers worked together was exemplary and the unity shown by each member of our group allowed us to make history here in Monaco. This was an incredibly strategic race, and the team executed it to perfection. We have two very smart and fast drivers in Mitch and Nick, but their strength under pressure and teamwork allowed us to achieve what we did today. »

Cassidy happy to have been able to help Evans

For Mitch Evans, this is his 11e victory in Formula E, but especially the first in Monaco, a circuit where he came close to success on several occasions: “I have led the race here in Monaco many times and stood on the podium on the streets of Monte Carlo. This first victory of the season, and in Monaco, comes at the right time. »

His teammate Nick Cassidy was not bitter given the role he had to play in this ordeal. Winner in Monaco last season, he knows that he too could count on his teammate to win. The New Zealander also salutes the work of his team, which had by far the best car during testing sessions. Contact with the rail prevented Cassidy from defending his chances until the final of qualifying.

“Mitch deserves his victory. I was lucky enough to be in his position last year, with him helping me. I am therefore very happy for him and the whole team. We performed well today on my side of the garage, we struggled a bit more in practice and qualifying, but we were there when it counted, so it's a very good result for the team. We can all be proud of our efforts today. »

Jaguar is still leading the Formula E championship. As for the drivers, Nick Cassidy has moved up to second place, and Mitch Evans is now in fifth place.

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