Formula E GEN3 Evo, more powerful, faster and with four-wheel drive

Presented on the sidelines of the Monaco E-Prix, the new Formula E, called GEN3 Evo, promises more power, more torque and the use of a four-wheel drive system, thanks to the engine present on the front axle .

Published on 29/04/2024 à 15:56

Michael Duforest

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Formula E GEN3 Evo, more powerful, faster and with four-wheel drive

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While Formula E is in its third season with the current generation of car, the GEN3, the championship presented this weekend an evolved version of its car. Logically named GEN3 Evo, it becomes the single-seater with the fastest acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, an indicator that it achieves in just 1,86 seconds. Faster in the exercise than a Formula 1, the new single-seater achieves this thanks to the introduction of a four-wheel drive system.

The latter will be activated in certain portions of the weekend, starting with the qualifying duels. Once they arrive at the quarter-final stage, the drivers will therefore be in four-wheel drive. Same thing for the start of the event and for the different activations of attack mode, during the race.

Formula E expects on average a performance gain of 2%, which is equivalent to two tenths of a second per lap on the Monaco circuit. A gain acquired in particular by the better acceleration performance, but also by a new aerodynamic kit. The latter, which slightly redraws the curves of the GEN3, is intended to be more robust, and more efficient aerodynamically speaking.

Finally, the Hankook tires, criticized since their appearance last season, should also contribute to this gain in performance. The gain in mechanical grip is estimated between 5 and 10%, thanks to new tires, notably made from 35% recycled materials.

An introduction at the end of the year

“The GEN3 Evo opens a new chapter in the evolution of Formula E, embodying our commitment to innovation and high performance delivered sustainably. Featuring unprecedented acceleration and an advanced aerodynamic design, the car I had the honor of unveiling in Monaco will intensify the thrill of our races, captivating our drivers and fans around the world with capabilities and truly superior performance », explained Jeff Dodds, CEO of Formula E.

The GEN3 Evo will be used from season 11 of the championship, which begins with winter testing at the end of the year. It will be replaced by a fourth generation single-seater at the end of 2026, at the dawn of Season 13.

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