Evan Giltaire (ART Grand Prix): “Confident with this start to the season”

Crossed in the paddock of the last 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 2023 F4 France champion spoke about his promotion to FRECA. A first victory, Rafael Câmara, his teammate Alessandro Giusti... For AUTOhebdo, Evan Giltaire repeats his first three rounds of the year and looks forward to the rest of the season.

Published on 18/06/2024 à 17:40

Gonzalo Forbes

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Evan Giltaire (ART Grand Prix): “Confident with this start to the season”

© Paul Vaicle / DPPI

Evan Giltaire, how do you judge your debut in FRECA?

I'm pretty confident with this start to the season. He was very good with this first round at Hockenheim (victory in Race 2). Spa was a little more difficult, especially at the start with the settings. We struggled to find the right set-up until the Sunday we woke up. Finally, at Zandvoort, the car's performance was extremely good, similar to that of Hockenheim or even better, hence the performance of my teammate Alessandro Giusti (two podiums). For my part, I didn't manage to line up everything in qualifying to start in front. I didn't do too badly in Race 1 with the rain and a few overtakes. The next day I failed in qualifying. It's totally my fault and I take full responsibility for it. When leaving 12e in Zandvoort, unless there is an exploit at the start, it is practically impossible to overtake in car. I succeeded once or twice but finished 11e. It's a shame to end the weekend like this. We will have to remobilize in Hungary.

The Prema drivers seem very strong and especially Rafael Câmara, do you think you can come back on them?

When we see that he wins practically everything and at worst he finishes second, it's true that it's scary. But for the rest, they are not unbeatable. I think we will be able to quickly catch up with them (Prema) to get podiums and victories. I am only waiting for that.

From Hungary?

If I manage to line up everything and have the same performance as in Zandvoort, there is no reason to finish behind. It's sure and certain.

To the point of beating Rafael Câmara or his teammates?

I'm not sure how to rate Ugo (Ugochukwu). Ditto for (James) Wharton even if we know he has the performance to play up front. He may have a little less than (Rafael) Câmara but he is not in the position he should be in. It should be much higher than that. He made a lot of mistakes but he will quickly recover given the level of performance he has.

Evan Giltaire ART Grand Prix FRECA 2024

Evan Giltaire won in his first FRECA meeting. © Paul Vaicle / DPPI

Rafael Câmara is already 73 points ahead of his closest pursuer Tuukka Taponen, can he catch up as we slowly approach mid-season?

We will see the performance we will have with ART Grand Prix in Hungary. I would say this weekend could be decisive. Whether it's VAR, R-ace GP or even ART Grand Prix we are not really far away. For our part, we have taken a real step forward compared to winter and we are very happy about it. We have to continue like this and I don't see why we couldn't go and get them. I am convinced that we will be able to claim podiums and victories with Sandro. We have the talent, the car... Now, we have to fine-tune everything on race weekends to get the most.

How is cohabitation with Alessandro Giusti going?

It's a very good meeting. I didn't know him that much except from the kart days when we were able to drive together and from F4 France where we saw each other two or three times. We spent the whole winter together and we get along very well, both on and off the track. At Hockenheim I was in front of him and in the next two it was his turn. We manage to work very well with the team.

Hungary arrives next weekend, what are your ambitions?

To reproduce what we were able to do at Hockenheim and to find the forefront, as Sandro was able to do at Zandvoort, unlike me. Then, I would say go back as quickly as possible to win again in order to try to reduce the gap with Rafael Câmara. We no longer think too much about the championship these days, but rather race by race.

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