When to reschedule the Kazakhstan GP?

After the postponement of the Kazakhstan GP, ​​forced by the weather crisis affecting the country, it will be difficult to fit the event into the already overloaded MotoGP calendar.

Published on 05/05/2024 à 17:39

Luca Bartolomeo

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When to reschedule the Kazakhstan GP?

When could the Kazakhstan GP take place?

If the Dorna announced this week that the Kazakhstan Grand Prix, originally scheduled for June 14-16, would be postponed, the governing body of the MotoGP did not specify on what dates. A difficult dilemma due to the lack of flexibility in an already overloaded schedule. The opportunity to look at the few possible hypotheses.

A postponement in the second half of the season

If this solution seems to be the most logical, it is undoubtedly the least obvious. Seven of the nine weekends that make up the months of September and October already host a MotoGP Grand Prix, and place the Kazakhstan GP during one of the two free weeks, namely that of September 15, or 13 October, would generate in the first case a sequence of six races, and seven in the second.

Two scenarios which would see MotoGP stop at Sokol either between San Marino and India, or between Japan and Australia, and which can therefore already be ruled out given the impossibility for the teams to transport equipment on the opposite sides of the globe within such tight deadlines.

More realistic, but still unthinkable, the Kazakhstan GP could be inserted on the weekend of November 10, between Malaysia and the season finale in Valencia, seeing the discipline occur five times in as many weeks, and on three different continents.

Placing the event on August 25, between the Aragon GP and the Austrian GP would result in a succession of four races. All these proposals ruled out, only the weekend of August 9 to 11 could prove reasonable. In this case, you would have to leave Silverstone to go to Sokol, before taking the road to Spielberg.

Note that organizing the meeting after the final in Valencia also seems difficult given the usual holding of end-of-season testing on the Ricardo Tormo circuit.

MotoGP summer break shortened

From July 8 to 31, between the German and British Grands Prix, there is not supposed to be any on-track action, with the paddock taking advantage of the summer break.

While this already only provides for three short weekends of interruption, it is difficult to imagine that it could be shortened. Note that the interruption of the Grands Prix will be as long during this period as between the Italian and Dutch meetings. Direct consequence of the cancellation of the Kazakhstan GP on the initial dates.

The cancellation of the Grand Prix

Given the lack of flexibility offered by the calendar, for the reasons mentioned in the first point, the cancellation of the Grand Prix cannot be ruled out.

It would indeed be hardly surprising if the two parties did not agree on the few dates where this is feasible, and if no other event could be moved to allow the sport to come to Sokol in good conditions.

Already canceled in 2023 due to the delay accumulated during the homologation work, the first appearance of MotoGP in Kazakhstan could take place in 2025.

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