Relive the first day of the Rally Poland with live commentary

Follow the first day of the Rally Poland, seventh round of the 2024 WRC season, live with commentary on AUTOhebdo.

Published on 28/06/2024 à 13:50

Yannis Duval

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Relive the first day of the Rally Poland with live commentary

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The World Rally Championship is coming to Poland for the first time since 2017! At the time it was Thierry Neuville who won with a 1'24″1 lead over Hayden Paddon. The pilot Hyundai will he be able to keep his crown on Polish lands?

> You can follow the live evolution of the ranking via the official WRC Live Timing, available here.

Rally Poland
Follow SS7 live with commentary

17h05: 🏁 This is the end of this live (we would have liked it to end differently)... Thank you all for following us, we'll see you tomorrow for the rest of the Rally from Poland!


16:58 – SS7: 🌥️ In any case, the sky is starting to darken... Rain to invite you to the party during the next special.

16:55 – SS7: Still no information regarding a possible restart.

16:51 – SS7: Once again, spectators are placed in unauthorized areas…

16:49 – SS7: ⚠️ The special is interrupted again…

16:47 – SS7: Adrien fourmaux on the attack… and it pays off! The Frenchman measures 7’16″7! 

16:43 p.m. – SS7 : ⏱️ Elfyn Evans completed a high-flying final portion and set the provisional best time by four tenths.

16:39 – SS7:Thierry Neuville crossed the finish line in 7'20″2. 

16:34 – SS7: Elfyn Evans starts her first special in the leader's shoes.

16:30 – SS7: 🟢 No time to rest, we're heading back to SS7.

16:24 – SS6: ⚠️ Lauri Joona hit a wall in the last few hundred meters and damaged her car. Could the Finn continue the day?

16:19 – SS6: 🏁 The Rally1 rankings for SS6:

16:16 – SS6: 🏁 It's over for Sesks. The Latvian achieves the sixth time (5'54″8).

16:14 – SS6: No problem with Andreas Mikkelsen's car, the Hyundai driver had to take his foot off for safety reasons, like in SS3 this morning...

16:09 – SS6: 🟢 Here we go again! Martins Sesks starts.

16:03 – SS6: ⚠️ The special is interrupted.

16:02 – SS6: ⚠️ OH NO! There is a problem with Andreas Mikkelsen's car! The Norwegian is slowing down.

15:59 – SS6: Kalle Rovanperä, overall leader, clocked 5'52″0.

15:56 – SS6: Katsuta's turn to cross the line. He achieves the same time as Evans! Things are better this afternoon for the Japanese.

15:53 – SS6: Adrien Fourmaux finishes the special in 5'51″2.

15:51 – SS6:  Elfyn Evans fails two tenths behind Neuville's time. 

15:49 – SS6: ????“It's the fastest stage of the weekend, so the sweeping is less important. I think I did a good job, I had fun. ", Thierry Neuville at the end of SS6.

15:47 – SS6: ⏱️ Thierry Neuville finishes this special in 5'49″3.

15:44 – SS6: Elfyn Evans starts with three soft tires and one hard tire, on the right front.

15:40 – SS6: 🟢 Here we go again! And Thierry Neuville always gets the ball rolling.

15h35: The start of SS6 will be given in five minutes. Let's take a look at the different drivers' tires.

14h55: 🏁 We take a short break, and we'll meet in a little less than an hour for the start of SS6 (Wieliczki 2 – 12.90 km, 15:40 p.m.).

14:51 – SS5: 🏁 And the general ranking, with a change of leader! 

14:47 – SS5: 🏁 The Rally1 ranking for this SS5:

14:42 – SS5: Martins Sesks brought up the rear for Rally1 and set the 3rd fastest time! What a performance today for the Latvian.

14:39 – SS5: 🚨 6th time of the special for the Norwegian… 14″4 seconds behind the reigning world champion, which make him lose the general's head.

14:36 – SS5: Andreas Mikkelsen, rally leader, was almost 12 seconds behind Rovanperä before the final section.

14:32 – SS5: Provisional best time for the Finn (14'32″5)! 

14:29 – SS5: Rovanperä ahead of Evans' time before starting the last portion.

14:27 – SS5: Adrien Fourmaux finishes this fifth special in 14'40″8.

14:24 – SS5: ⏱️ Evans raises his voice! 14'37″2 for the driver Toyota who temporarily takes the lead. 

14:21 – SS5: ⏱️ 14'44″7 for Neuville. However, the Belgian driver is not so satisfied with his time. 

14:19 p.m. -SS5: Thierry Neuville is on the attack in this fifth special! The time may be good...

14:15 – SS5: Katsuta's turn to go. Will the Japanese be able to get back on track this afternoon after a failed morning?

14:13 – SS5: Advantage in Neuville on the first two portions against Evans.

14:08 – SS5: It's Elfyn Evans' turn to hit the road. As a reminder, the Briton is 3rd in the general classification, 11″9 seconds behind Andreas Mikkelsen.

14:05 – SS5: 🟢 It's time to get back behind the wheel! Thierry Neuville sets off for this fifth special of 29.40km.

14h01: 💬 Thierry Neuville spoke about the safety rules to be respected for spectators. Hoping not to see the same thing again as during SS3…

13h56: If you missed this morning's specials, don't panic! Here is a summary of everything that happened:

Mikkelsen leader of Rally Poland after a shortened morning, Tänak already on the carpet

13h50: 👋 Hello again everyone! We are together to follow the afternoon of the Rally Poland! The start of the SS5 (Stańczyki 2 – 29.40 km) in just 15 minutes.

12h11: 🏁 Before meeting up for SS5 (Stańczyki 2 – 29.40 km), which will take place at 14:05 p.m., we take a look at the general classification of the Rally Poland.

12:07 – SS4: 🏁 The ranking of this ES4:

11:58 – SS4: Martins Sesks brings up the rear for Rally1. The Latvian achieves the fourth time (5″2 from Mikkelsen), which allows him to keep his second place overall.

11:55 – SS4: ⏱️ Andreas Mikkelsen continues his momentum and, in turn, achieves the best time of the special (7'27″5). 

11:52 – SS4: ⏱️ Provisional best time for Grégoire Munster! The Luxembourger finished the special in 7'30″6. 

11:47 – SS4: Ouch, ouch, ouch… Katsuta finished 12 seconds behind his teammate, Elfyn Evans. How hard it is today for the Japanese...

11:44 – SS4: 💬 It's Adrien Fourmaux's turn to cross the finish line. The pilot M-sport three seconds behind Evans' time. “It's a beautiful morning, even if I'm having a little trouble with the tracks. This stage is a bit technical, it's difficult and it's very hot in the cockpit. ", explains the Frenchman at the end of the special.

11:40 – SS4: ⏱️ Despite a slight delay in the first portion, Elfyn Evans took the provisional best time of this special (7'31″6).  

11:37 – SS4: ⏱️ The championship leader finishes SS4 in 7'39″2. 

11 NEUVILLE Thierry, WYDAEGHE Martijn, Hyundai I20 Rally1, action during the Rally Poland 2024, 7th round of the 2024 WRC World Rally Car Championship, from June 27 to 30, 2024 at Mikolajki, Poland – Photo Nikos Katikis / DPPI

11:33 – SS4: Nine tenths behind for Evans on Neuville in the first portion.

11:28 – SS4: 🟢 After a short break, we are back to follow SS4 of this Rally Poland! Thierry Neuville has just started.

11h12 - ⚠️ The start of SS4 is delayed by 18 minutes. Thierry Neuville will start at 11:28 a.m.

10h59 - The start of SS4 (Olecko 1 – 13.20 km) will be given at 11:10 a.m.

10:56 – SS3: 🏁 The ranking of the drivers who were able to participate, without incident, in this SS3:

10:46 a.m. – ES3: ⚠️ ES3 IS CANCELED!!

10:45 – SS3: ⚠️ The interruption of this ES3 would come from a security problem with one or more spectators.

10:41 – SS3: ⚠️ The special is interrupted! No information at this time on the reason for this interruption.

10:39 – SS3: ⚠️ Ohh, Katsuta had to get out! We feel the Japanese lack confidence at the start of the Rally. He finished the special in 5’59″5.

10:35 – SS3: The French driver finished this third special seven tenths behind Thierry Neuville's time.

10:32 p.m. – SS3 : Elfyn Evans finishes her special half a second behind Thierry Neuville. For the moment, Adrien Fourmaux is ahead of his two competitors.

10:26 – SS3:Neuville finished this second special of the day in 5'56″0. 

10:24 – SS3: ???? Thank you following his accident during SS2: “We hit a deer, the radiator went. The engine did not burn out. Apart from the deer and the radiator, everything is fine on the car. »

10:20 – SS3: 🟢 Here we go again! Thierry Neuville sets off for this 3km SS12.9

10h09: ⚠️ The condition of Ott Tänak's car. The Estonian allegedly hit an animal. His Friday day ends there…

9h35: The start of SS3 (Wieliczki 1 – 12.90 km) will be given at 10:20 a.m.

9:34 – SS2: 🏁 The general classification of this Rally Poland at the end of SS2:

9:31 – SS2: 🏁 This is the end of this first special of the day. Here is the ranking:

9:26 – SS2: Martins Sesks achieves the second best time! The Latvian can't believe his eyes!

9:23 – SS2: 14'54″7, best time for the Novergian, 7″6 ahead of Rovanperä. However, there was damage to the rear of his car.

9:21 – SS2: Nice special from Andreas Mikkelsen who is provisionally in the lead of this special; 6″1 at the end of the sixth portion on Rovanperä’s time.

9:16 – SS2: Best time for Rovanperä, two tenths ahead of Fourmaux. 

9:14 – SS2: 💬 “Difficult to drive, I don’t know why, I don’t feel the car the way I want”, Katsuta at the finish of this first special.

9:12 p.m. – SS2 : Hyundai gives news from Tänak and Järveoja.

9:10 – SS2:Adrien Fourmaux started the day well and took the best provisional time, six tenths ahead of Evans' Toyota.

9:07 – SS2:Elfyn Evans takes off: 15'03″2, a little over 13 seconds ahead of Thierry Neuville's time.

9:04 p.m. – SS2 : Katsuta is already very far away. Seven seconds behind at the end of the second portion on Elfyn Evans' time.

9:01 – SS2:Neuville finishes this first special of the day in 15'16″7.

8:58 – SS2: ⚠️Ohhhh Tänak is at a standstill ! The leader got out of his car! The Estonian seems to have hit.

8:56 p.m. – SS2 : The sweep is already having a good effect, Tänak is six seconds ahead of Neuville at the end of the third portion.

8:53 p.m. – SS2 : 🔢 While Neuville, Tänak and Evans have left, a quick update on the drivers ranking: Thierry Neuville 122 points, Ott Tänak 104 points, Elfyn Evans 104 points.

8:49 – SS2: ⚠️ As expected the road is very slippery!

8:45 p.m. – SS2 : 🟢 And here we go for Thierry Neuville!

8h – If you missed the start of the rally, the information to remember: the package Sébastien Ogier following an accident during reconnaissance.

Sébastien Ogier gives his news after his accident

8h – Here is the starting order for this first “real day”:

1) Thierry Neuville
2) Ott Tanak
3) Elfyn Evans
4) Adrien Fourmaux
5) Takamoto Katsuta
6) Kalle Rovanperä
7) Gregoire Munster
8) Andreas Mikkelsen
9) Martins Sesks

8h – The drivers got the ball rolling yesterday with a first special. Ott Tänak, winner of the Sardinia rally (Italy) immediately took the lead in the standings ahead of Thierry Neuville.

8h – 👋 Hello everyone ! Welcome to this live commentary to follow together the first day of the Rally Poland, seventh round of the 2024 WRC season. The start of the SS2 (Stańczyki 1 – 29,40 km) will be given in a few minutes, at 8:45 a.m.!

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