Ghosn doesn't get wet

Published on 07/05/2009 à 19:34

Pierre Tassel

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Questioned on the sidelines of the Frankfurt Motor Show about the affair Renault, Carlos Ghosn did not wish to get involved and left it to Bernard Rey, the boss of the F1 at Renault, to take care of this file.

« The only thing I asked was: we don't react quickly, we examine the facts, we look at exactly what happened – there are investigations underway. And we do it in collaboration with the various authorities that govern F1, because I especially don't want us to jump too hastily into one interpretation or another. This is what the team is doing under the responsibility of Bernard Rey, and I trust him that, when the facts are established, we will be able to make a very clear decision. », indicated Ghosn in L?Equipe.

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