Leaving Honda would be “a failure” for Joan Mir

At the end of her contract with Honda in 2024, Joan Mir is evaluating her options for next season. Despite mixed results, the Spanish driver remains determined to find a solution that will revive his career.

Published on 19/06/2024 à 14:24

Luca Bartolomeo

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Leaving Honda would be “a failure” for Joan Mir

Joan Mir assesses her options for 2025 - © HRC

Having been in difficulty with Honda for some time, Joan Mir's contract with the factory team comes to an end at the end of the 2024 season. Like many drivers, the Spaniard is evaluating other options to possibly change direction. next year, and join a team that would provide him with a more competitive machine.

Places are expensive, however, and eleven riders have already locked in their handlebars for next year. So KTM has already made all its drivers official, while there are still a few places to fill in each of the other factories.

Although he knows that his choice will be difficult, Mir does not rule out the possibility of leaving the team he joined at the start of last season, preferring to focus his career on the Honda project.

“It took a long time before I accepted that the results were no longer there, confesses Mir in an interview broadcast on MotoGP. Com. Now I enjoy the little things. I feel good, and mentally too, I know that I want to overcome this difficult time with the team, and I am giving 100% for that. I am sure that when the bike is better, the results will follow instantly, He continues. Obviously it takes time to build a good bike, and I'm in a difficult position as a rider. I don't want to be faced with this situation indefinitely, and from time to time, you have to be a little selfish. »

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A failure at Honda for Joan Mir?

No. 36, however, does not hide the fact that if he ends his collaboration with the Japanese brand, he would be the first to be disappointed.

“It's true that if I leave Honda, I will have failed, since I also carry their project, and I would not have managed to see it through to the end, He says. But like I said, I don't want to wait years either. »

However, there is no need to start speculating about an imminent transfer, since the main person concerned admits to not having all the cards in hand to decide his future. “In terms of the transfer market, I know that I am no longer as good as when I joined Honda, and the fact that the results are not following makes you less attractive to other teams. So I won't say I have a ton of options, but I'm confident I'll have at least one good one.

On the other hand, if I had every team in front of me with a contract, I don't even know which one I would choose. I have to think about the performance of the bike, but also make sure that the choice I make will make me happy. One signing can completely change the next few years of your life, and as you can see, I didn't really enjoy the last two years of my career." concludes Joan Mir.

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