Isack Hadjar finally launched after the Barcelona tests? “Confidence is back”

Unlucky at the start of the year, Isack Hadjar found a smile again in Australia after a weekend where he never seemed so strong. After three days of testing in Barcelona, ​​the Habs feel confident to go on the attack again with the ambition of settling for good at the front of the peloton.

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Gonzalo Forbes

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Isack Hadjar finally launched after the Barcelona tests? “Confidence is back”

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The Australian weekend last March seems to have done a lot of good for Isack Hadjar. Hooked, technical problems... bad luck did not let go at the start of the campaign. She even caught up with him in Melbourne when he lost his Sprint Race victory after being found guilty of a lights-out incident. Luckily, the elements turned in his favor the next day and the Campos driver managed to overcome the Indian sign with his first real victory in Formula 2.

Since then, the field has been on break while awaiting the resumption of the season at Imola (May 17-19). Almost two months of break during which the protégé of Red Bull spent time with his team in Spain but also on the track, near Barcelona. As usual, the championship promoter organized three days of testing there and the teams did not take them lightly. Before setting sail in Melbourne, some players agreed that these three days were going to be very important, almost essential, for the rest of the 2024 financial year.

Isaac Hadjar

In Australia, Isack Hadjar was able to exult! © Eric Alonso /DPPI

Good sensations and good times for Hadjar

On Catalan soil, the teams took the opportunity to try new things on an F2 2024 that they did not really have time to get to grips with before the kick-off in Bahrain at the beginning of March. In the region of Montmeló, Isack Hadjar appeared in good shape and was able to smooth the asphalt unlike the first rounds where he had spent some time stationary. If these are only relatively private tests where nothing really filters through, the Ile-de-France resident had the merit of setting the best time of the week with a time of 1'23"129. Nothing to get excited about but something positive to remember all the same.

« The three days went as planned, confided the person concerned. We made the plan work and we tried what we wanted to try, so that's the most important thing.

The performance itself was very good. My driving was on point and finishing with the best time is a good thing, but that doesn't mean everything, even if it's important. It's actually very difficult because you have three sets of soft tires and five of mediums, so there's not much you can do with it. So how to optimize it? »

With the best possible driving plan. Thus, Isack Hadjar was able to work on both long relays and short ones in order to collect as much data as possible. “ For short relays it's quite direct, résumé-t-il. Concerning the long ones, we would like to have more sets of tires to try different things. I think we did a good job maximizing the tires we had and we managed to make the plan work."


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Change of approach, immediate feeling

Here is the Tricolore in good shape for the resumption against Emilia-Romagna in a little over two weeks. In trouble last year for his rookie campaign with Hitech GP, the one that Helmut Marko sometimes calls "the little Cheers » regained color by emigrating to Spanish soil. A new environment in which he immediately felt better.

« It gives you a lot of confidence and I've had that feeling since day one with the team, he admits. When I get in the car, I fight at the front, it's a very good thing for a driver. It's not something I had last year, so to have that feeling again is great. I will continue to work, but I am sure that I will fight at the front. There is no reason why this shouldn't be the case, we have worked on all the circuits and in all the conditions, which gives us even more confidence. » A good omen for the future, certainly for him who appears to be a candidate for a rise in F1 in the Red Bull fold in the short term. Obviously provided that he obtains the results expected by the Austrian pundits...

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