Only a Sprint but a big relief for Victor Martins

Aware that it was a success on a Saturday and not a Sunday, Victor Martins still appeared smiling, having had such a complicated start to the year.

Published on 22/06/2024 à 16:34

Gonzalo Forbes

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Only a Sprint but a big relief for Victor Martins

© Diederik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency / DPPI

There is no question of getting excited, far from it, but Victor Martins (ART Grand Prix) seemed to really appreciate this victory in the Sprint Race this Saturday in Barcelona. His radio exchange suggested this and his first words to the press confirmed it.

« A relief, he whispered a few minutes after the celebrations. These moments feel good. Whether it's me or the team, it gives us a lot of confidence for the future. I see we are making progress. We remain on two victories in a row (Zak O'Sullivan in the Main Race at Monaco). It's only a Sprint and the objective remains to qualify at the front to fight for victory in the Main Race, but it always feels good to get these few points. It was a clean race and we managed to put everything together. This is what we have for the rest."

On the track, the protégé ofAlpine mastered everything. From the start to the finish, during this Sprint Race the old demons from the start of the season have disappeared. There was no technical problem, personal error or tire degradation that weighed him down. Rid of Kush Maini (Invicta Racing) as soon as the lights went out, Victor Martins then rolled on, winning easily for the first time since the Main Race at Silverstone last July. An eternity for someone who was expected to be among the big favorites.

« I controlled very well, from start to finishhe confided. I have pace and I think we can fight (to go up from 9e place on the grid) tomorrow (Sunday).

This can finally start my season. In any case, this will allow us to gain confidence, to be more serene in knowing which direction to take. We still have to progress, we are not there yet but we see that we are on the right path. The road is still long but it is already a step forward. We must now try to be more regular. This allowed me to start to understand some things that we still need to work on. We had a certain delay compared to other teams but the season is still very long. It's a result that we needed, myself for my confidence, to see that I am capable of putting everything together, from start to finish, and to show that I am still present »

A turning point in the season for Victor Martins?

At the foot of the podium, this success of Victor Martins was very well received after such a difficult start in 2024. Present, Bruno Famin, team principal ofAlpine, praised the performance of the member of the blue academy.

« After a complicated start to the season, it's good that he can make it happen, he assured on the microphone of Canal +. I hope this will be a turning point in Victor's season because he really needs it and above all because he deserves a better position than the one he is in in the rankings for the moment. I'm sure he will win Main Races very soon. » Same story from the boss of ART Grand Prix, Sébastien Philippe, still with the encrypted channel.

« Happy and relieved, because since the start of the season we have not only experienced easy events. He had a very good, controlled race... It's great, he needed it, and so did the team. Hopefully this will be the start of a new great adventure. » This is all the bad we wish him as he has just returned to the 13e championship place with 21 points.

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