Scott Dixon, only victim of the hybrid in Mid-Ohio

If the debut of hybrid technology in IndyCar was welcomed and did not result in many technical problems throughout the weekend, Scott Dixon (Ganassi) cannot completely hear it that way...

Published on 10/07/2024 à 14:49

Michael Duforest

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Scott Dixon, only victim of the hybrid in Mid-Ohio

Broken down in the training laps, Scott Dixon lost big this weekend. © Penske Entertainment: James Black

The six-time champion IndyCar, a master in the art of saving fuel while driving faster than its opponents, could legitimately look forward to the introduction of this new technology. What could be better than having an additional tool, capable on paper of adding a strategic dimension to races which can already normally turn on details?

The New Zealander ultimately wouldn't be able to have fun with his little friends before the 22nde racing lap. From the formation laps, the No. 9 Dallara-Honda of Chip Ganassi Racing stopped at turn 4, refusing to restart despite all the requests from its occupant. After a few minutes of diagnosis, the culprit was found, and it was the hybrid system of the car.

“It’s a bit strange, there was no alarm. But when I looked at my steering wheel, because the team told me I had to go into recharge mode, something started discharging the supercapacitor immediately, like at an excessive rate. So there was some sort of failure in the power supply to the hybrid, which is definitely not a good way to start with this technology.", explained the Ganassi driver. The irony is that it was he who carried out the first tests of the hybrid system at Sebring, representing Honda, alongside Will Power who was shooting for Chevrolet.

A setback to the championship

It took around twenty laps in total before Dixon was able to get back on the track and join the rest of the peloton. The driver at number 9 therefore had to be careful with his electric motor, and also with his opponents, he who was then only involved in a full-scale test session.

The path of the cross for the orange and blue car ended with around twenty laps to go, once certain that Scott Dixon could no longer overtake any rivals in the standings, and increase his number of points scored. Because with this 27e final place, his title aspirations took a certain blow, since his teammate Álex Palou arrived in second place. Dixon is now fourth in the championship, 71 points behind the Spanish driver. Only one thing is certain, however, and that is that if this problem occurred on Dixon's car, it could well happen again on the others... Another way of saying that nothing is ever finished, like the New Zealander has already proven this on several other occasions.

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