The 500 Indy 2024 program

Starting this Tuesday, the 108th edition of the Indianapolis 500 gets into action, with the first day of free practice. Because yes, we should talk about days at the Indy 500, with at least six hours of testing per day all week!

Published on 15/05/2024 à 12:45

Michael Duforest

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The 500 Indy 2024 program

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It is no longer the “month of May” of the time, when the tests began on the 1ster May and took place almost every day until the race on May 30, however the Indianapolis 500 continues to offer the most hours of testing on the calendar, 33 in total! Almost as much as the rest of the season, contributing to the feeling of seeing the 500 Miles as a season in its own right.

From this Tuesday, the drivers will have seven hours of testing, before increasing to six on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday will be a special day, since during “Fast Friday” the drivers are forced to run with a higher turbo pressure level, which will then be used during the qualifying weekend. It is during these three days that the speeds will be the highest of the whole month, thrills guaranteed! Don't panic, we will dedicate a complete article to the qualifying system in Indianapolis, because it is different from everywhere in the world!

Two new hours of testing on Monday allow the 33 qualified drivers to get back into racing mode, before returning to the track on Friday for “Carb Day”, the last session before the start of the Indy 500 on Sunday. at around 18:35 p.m.

Program for the 500 Indianapolis 2024:

Tuesday May 14
15:00 p.m.-17:00 p.m.: Free Practice 1
19:00 p.m.-00:00 p.m.: Free Practice 2
Wednesday 15 may
16:00 p.m.-01:00 p.m.: Free Practice 3
Thursday May 16
16:00 p.m.-00:00 p.m.: Free Practice 4
Friday May 17
18:00 p.m. – 00:00 a.m.: Free Practice 5 (Fast Friday)
Saturday May 18
14:30 p.m.-15:30 p.m.: Free Practice 6
17:00 p.m.-23:50 p.m.: Qualifications
Sunday, May 19
18:00 p.m.-20:00 p.m.: Free Practice 7
21:05 p.m.-22:05 p.m.: Qualifications – Top 12
22:15 p.m.-23:15 p.m.: Qualifications – Bump Day
23:25 p.m.-23:55 p.m.: Qualifications – Top 6
Monday May 20
19:00 p.m.-21:00 p.m.: Free Practice 8
Friday May 24
17:00 p.m.-19:00 p.m.: Free Practice 9 (Carb Day)
Sunday, May 26
18:38 p.m.: Race (200 laps)

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