Spa Classic will present a unique exhibition of Porsche 917s

Iconic cars on the most beautiful circuit in the world... what could be better? Spa-Classic promises to be the unmissable meeting place for lovers of historic cars.

Published on 08/05/2024 à 11:10


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Spa Classic will present a unique exhibition of Porsche 917s


In addition to the on-track activities, the 2024 edition also promises to be extraordinary with the organization of a unique exhibition of Porsche 917, a timeless icon of the racing world. This collection highlights several iconic models, each telling a unique story in the world of competition.

Porsche #917-043

Assembled in June 1970 in a long tail version, it is famous for having finished second in the 24 Hours of Le Mans 1970 with Gérard Larrousse and Willi Kauhsen, behind another Porsche. In 1971, she participated again in the Sarthe event under the Gulf colors, but had to abandon despite the best time in practice. In 1975 it was acquired by Vasek Polak under chassis number #917-044. After an expertise validated by Porsche, it was renamed in accordance with its origin and restored in long tail configuration.

Porsche #917-021

Porsche #917-021 was built in March 1969, then converted to a short tail version in April 1970, before being sold to Aarnio Wihuri's AAW team. She participated in the 1000 km of Spa and Monza. The car then took the start of the 24 Hours of Le Mans with David Piper and Gijs Van Lennep, but it retired after an accident. The chassis was rebuilt with that of #917-012, renamed #917-021/012. He is involved in Interserie with Van Lennep, obtaining promising results. In 1976, Joachim Grossmann acquired the chassis without an engine, rebuilt it with an engine purchased from Willi Kauhsen, and registered it as #917-021/012.

Porsche #917/10-002

The chassis was completed in July 1971. The car competed in the Can Am with Jo Siffert, who achieved impressive performances. Siffert placed 4th in the championship despite limited participation. After the season, #917/10-002 was sold to Willi Kauhsen, modified for European Interserie races, and achieved seven podiums in nine races in 1972. However, it suffered a major accident at the Nürburgring in September 1972 The car was badly damaged, and Kauhsen, although burned, chose to keep it. In 1998, Kauhsen decided to restore it. He used the original drawings and called on the people responsible for its initial development at Porsche. After several changes of owners, it was restored in 2017 and repainted in the Siffert colors of 1971.

In total, nearly ten chassis will be present and will take to the track during 4 20-minute sessions from Friday to Sunday! However, the appeal will not only be limited to legendary cars, as the exhibition will also welcome renowned drivers such as Gérard Larrousse, David Piper, Jürgen Barth, Reinhold Joest, Mario Casoni and Phillippe Siffert Jr., who will represent his late father. All this promises a unique encounter with emblematic figures from the world of motor racing, based on their expertise and fascinating anecdotes to take visitors into the fascinating history of the Porsche 917.

Exhibitors village

Also confirming the scale gained during previous editions, the Exhibitor Village will remain at the heart of the paddock near Eau Rouge. It will offer artists, dressers, booksellers and other shopkeepers the opportunity to share their wonders with an audience of enthusiasts.


Spa-Classic will offer numerous activities suitable for all ages: concerts, exhibitions and parade of old scooters, dancers from the 40s, 50s and 60s, vintage makeup artists, ephemeral tattoo, mini funfair, photocall... All in a festive and musical thanks to a Disc Jockey's Vinyl.

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