Ayrton Senna's last interview in AUTOhebdo

Interview during the 1993-94 offseason. Late in life, the golden eagle becomes a dove. And the adult from ten years ago became a kid. With the withdrawal of Prost and his transfer to Williams, Senna discovers a new present and makes a clean sweep of the past. Operation charm or discovery of the philosopher's stone? No, proof of complete happiness.

Published on 01/05/2024 à 10:00

Patrick Camus

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Ayrton Senna's last interview in AUTOhebdo

During the 1993-1994 off-season, freed from the weight of leaving McLaren, the Brazilian took part in the game of kart racing between champions at Bercy. A sort of return to basics © JF Galeron

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The pilot was never in doubt. The man never left in indifference. For him, passions were built. Worshipers and distant observers. The latter are often created by the extremism of the former. Question of reaction. Followed closely and supported against all odds by the Brazilian press, Senna dreamed of rallying the entire world to his yellow and green panache. As Cheers dreamed of doing the same. Utopia. For them, each criticism was a misunderstanding, an injustice. The past is essential because the Frenchman has decided to no longer expose himself. Suddenly, the Brazilian's behavior changed. For what exact reason? Has the disappearance of his eternal rival taken away one of the sources of his motivation? Or added another? The fact of having finally – and at the same time – obtained the steering wheel of this Williams-Renault He had hoped so many times and fulfilled the kid in him who was still waiting for his greatest gift? Unless he already knows he is the owner of the greatest records. Now aware of having one of the most efficient equipment, he can imagine without stress taking over from Fangio.

Senna AUTOhebdo

AUTOhebdo n°907 of November 17, 1993

In 1994, only sixteen Grands Prix remained, and Prost's record will have lived... Does he find in this perspective an assurance, a serenity and a motivation never before felt? Does he fear that this will already be interpreted by some as a simple formality? But there is certainly in this pilot who wants to be pure and tough, uncompromising and a perfectionist, a feeling that the sensitive man he tries to mask surely maintains.

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