19 years ago to the day… F1 was crazy in Indianapolis

With 6 single-seaters on the starting grid, F1 was ridiculed this Sunday June 19, 2005 and the American public took the mock race inflicted on them as an affront. While F1 was on the verge of establishing itself in the United States, it returned to Europe to the “Go home” of the discontented. Good game ! AH1500 of June 22, 2005

Published on 19/06/2024 à 11:21

Jean-Michel Desnoues

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19 years ago to the day… F1 was crazy in Indianapolis

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Long after the podium ceremony, there were still dozens of them showing their indignation, shouting their anger. For the first time since the Formula 1 settled in Indianapolis in 2000, the American public responded en masse. There were more than 150 fans who traveled from the bordering states of Indiana and even further afield to come and witness this spectacle sport in full revival. So, this year, blue Renault he argued in the red stands Ferrari while the French manufacturer is not even established on Yankee soil. This improvement could also be read on radiant faces before they became hateful, it was also reflected in gentle words before they became filthy. For such a turnaround to occur, it took a few

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2 Comment (s)

Yves-Henri RANDIER

19/06/2024 at 02:57 a.m.

Michelin, a French firm, was "taken" by the Americans and Bridgestone... a very concrete foretaste of the famous "America's First" dear to the Yankees or at least to a good number of them, including Firestone!


23/10/2021 at 04:50 a.m.

Big gap in the telling of this story, already the title should be: "The day Michelin had it put very deep" there is in fact missing a question: Why Michelin and not Bridg. ? Because Firestone, owned by Bridgestone, was well aware that the coating had been redone, which allowed the Japanese to anticipate the problem.


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