Tristan Vautier: “If we lack anything compared to the Porsches, it would be good to have mixed conditions! »

Tristan Vautier, reserve driver for the Cadillac clan for these 24 Hours of Le Mans, spoke about his sensations and his “great experience” during the Test Day aboard the V.Series-R.

Published on 11/06/2024 à 11:22

Dorian Grangier

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Tristan Vautier: “If we lack anything compared to the Porsches, it would be good to have mixed conditions! »

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Tristan, you were able to drive the Cadillac during the Test Day, what were the sensations like?

Yes, it was very brief. I did three laps, but it was a great experience. Already being with the team and doing my first laps on a real track with this car was great. Once again, it was quite short, but it was very good. The team improved during the day and we will see. There seems to be a lack of it compared to the Porsche and Toyota, but we are working.

Have you already noticed any differences with the Vanwall you drove last year where it was really too brief to start comparing?

Yes, there are still quite a few differences but indeed, it was short enough to do a really in-depth analysis.

The No. 3 Cadillac had a problem in the morning. It's never ideal...

Yes, it's not ideal. It’s certain that we still lost a lot of time. In the end, we took to the track more than an hour and a half after the start of the session, so it certainly affected us quite a bit, especially for the driving plan. We may not have been able to do all the laps we wanted, but in the end, the afternoon went well without any problems.

If the weather seems to be holding up for the moment, with good weather forecast until Thursday, rain could join in the fun this weekend. Would that be beneficial for you?

If we are lacking a little in performance compared to the Porsches, it might be good to have a bit of mixed conditions!

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