Iron Dames, life at Le Mans without Doriane Pin

The Iron Ladies will attack the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a new manufacturer, Lamborghini, and with a thought for Doriane Pin, injured and withdrawn from the Sarthe event.

Published on 13/06/2024 à 19:52

Dorian Grangier

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Iron Dames, life at Le Mans without Doriane Pin

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Everything changes and yet, nothing changes for the Iron Dames this year, for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Everything changes, because the 100% female crew discovers a new category – the LMGT3 – and a new car – the Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO2 – on the roads of Le Mans, for their fifth participation in the Sarthe event (the third under the Iron banner Ladies).

Nothing changes, because for the fourth consecutive time, it is the inseparable trio Sarah Bovy – Rahel Frey – Michelle Gatting who will present themselves at the start of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, they who failed at the foot of the podium in 2023 (4th in the GTE Am category).

Within a very large and compact peloton in LMGT3, the Iron Dames will have to fight to win, they who will start in 9th place on Saturday afternoon. A slightly disappointing starting position in the Italian clan, but which does not discourage its drivers, who believe that the Hyperpole was largely achievable on Wednesday.

“I arrived at the turns Porsche and I saw gravel on the track, and I said to myself: 'If I go hard on this gravel, what exactly is going to happen?' So I eased off by a few tenths because I wasn't sure if this gravel was going to disrupt the car, explains Michelle Gatting, who participated in qualifying on Wednesday. People who know the circuit know that at the Porsche corners, we have no room for error. So I let go and I certainly lost one or two tenths which would have allowed us to access the Hyperpole. And of course it was painful. I would have loved to put our car in the Hyperpole because it was possible. It's definitely a bittersweet feeling, but the potential was definitely there. »

The Iron Dames send their support to Doriane Pin

At Le Mans, the three drivers also discovered a Lamborghini very different from the Porsches and Ferrari that they have known before. “She has an Italian temperament, says Rahel Frey. It's a nervous car. It's very responsive, but it's also positive (…) because we have a very strong front axle, which means the handling is precise. We can actually place the car wherever we want. (…) Compared to the cars we have used before, it is a more responsive car also because of the weight distribution but we have seen, and Michelle has also proven it, that it is a fast car. We intend to use this potential for racing, and we will see how far we can go. In the meantime, we give our best and attack hard. »

This year, the Iron Dames will especially remember Dorian Pin : the Frenchwoman, who was to take part in her second 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend, withdrew due to a rib injury. Her replacement, Rahel Frey, had a sympathetic word for her teammate.

“We all know that Doriane would have liked to be here as a French driver at Le Mans, underlines the Swiss. She was already brilliant last year. Fans love Doriane. (…) Maybe she will follow us from home, but it is clear that she is still with us, like all the other Iron Dames. It's very sad for Doriane that she's not there. »

“Now it is important that she rests well because her next meeting, her next race, will be right after Le Mans., she adds. It's here F1 Academy in Barcelona, ​​so she doesn't have much time to recover. It’s very important (…) but she’s in very good hands. We all know that Doriane is only 20 years old. As I said, I think his priority at the moment is to win the F1 Academy, in order to fully concentrate on his career in car. When she's finished, she can always come back to Le Mans! »

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