Mick Schumacher before his first 24 Hours of Le Mans: “Another way of experiencing motorsport”

Engaged with Alpine in the WEC, Mick Schumacher goes to Sarthe for the first time, 33 years after his father's only visit. Although he does not seem overwhelmed by the event, the German is nonetheless aware that it is a very big challenge, both for him and for the team.

Published on 10/06/2024 à 16:51

Gonzalo Forbes

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Mick Schumacher before his first 24 Hours of Le Mans: “Another way of experiencing motorsport”

Mick Schumacher (left). © Julien Delfosse / DPPI

You were able to experience the Weighing and you completed the Test Day, how are you experiencing this start of the 24 Hours of Le Mans ?

It's really different. It's another way of experiencing motorsport. This allows us to experience (personally) what the 24 Hours of Le Mans means. It's a huge honor to be here especially with Alpine. I can't wait to start the race weekend.

Alpine In fact, you will represent a French brand there. What does this mean to you ?

Alpine is a very big brand and is now (again. Editor's note) part of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This is a historic moment for everyone. I can't wait to start them. It will be somewhat of a torture but I will enjoy this torture.

You come from the world of car, but was Le Mans part of your career plan?

It was something I wanted to experience, check off my list. I didn't want to experience the 24 Hours of Le Mans through someone else's experience.

After the first three rounds, Alpine seems to be progressing. What is the team's state of mind one week before the big start?

The car looks good although it is always difficult to say before the start of the weekend, especially on a track we have never been to. If we do our job properly and we have a smooth weekend, then we can be successful (our 24 Hours of Le Mans). How successful would we be then? It's hard to say. But our ambition is to do our best.

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