Célia Martin (Iron Dames): “It’s a huge opportunity”

Present in the paddock of the 6 Hours of Spa with the Iron Ladies, Frenchwoman Célia Martin tells us about the start of her adventure with the Italian team with which she competes in the Michelin Le Mans Cup. Waiting for more?

Published on 15/05/2024 à 11:47

Valentin GLO

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Célia Martin (Iron Dames): “It’s a huge opportunity”

Célia Martin - Photo: Iron Dames

Célia Martin, you were until now known as a regular driver at the Nürburgring and you find yourself this season in Michelin Le Mans Cup with the Iron Dames. How did the discussions start?

Célia Martin: « I think it came as a surprise to a lot of people, but it turns out that I had already tried an approach with the Iron Dames two or three years ago. I was in contact with Rahel (Frey. Editor's note) who told me to get a little more experience before talking about it again. That's what I did for two years, on the Nordschleife of course, but I also had the opportunity to drive in GT4 last year in Germany. It didn't go too badly. I contacted Rahel again and told her that I was going to be Bronze and that I would like to do a test. This one went well and here I am embarked on the story. It's great, a dream come true. This is a huge opportunity. I'm glad it worked. »

By signing with the Iron Dames, you are moving from one women's project to another since you were previously with Girls-Only team by WS Racing with whom you competed in the 24 Hours of Nürburgring...

« Without that, I probably would never have had the chance to be where I am now and to show that anything is possible when people provide opportunities and means. There are competitive women. This is what we wish to demonstrate with the youngest of the Iron Dames, such as with Vicky Farfus, Augusto's daughter, or even Natalia Granada in karting. It is a long-term project with the aim of bringing future talents as far as possible. »

What are your goals for the future in signing with the Iron Dames? Go to WEC and the 24 Hours of Le Mans via the European Le Mans Series?

« I only did one year in GT4 on circuits other than the Nordschleife and I find myself in GT3 in the Michelin Le Mans Cup, on tracks that I hardly know. This is already a big step. Honestly, I don't think about what's next, what might or might not happen. I really want to savor this chance by giving the best of myself, learning, continuing to develop and becoming a better driver. I trust the Iron Dames for the future. There are obviously ideas, but I'm focusing on my Le Mans Cup program for the moment. »

How do you judge your start to the season in the Michelin Le Mans Cup (pole position and 2nd place at Le Castellet, editor's note)?

« Rather positive even if I made mistakes in Barcelona and Castellet. At Paul-Ricard, it was my first start, I was a little stressed. I thought about a lot of things, I really blame myself. I was so focused on my first turn that I moved to my right before crossing the line. The idea is precisely to learn from these mistakes. »

Comments collected by Valentin Glo, in Spa-Francorchamps

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