Ayrton Senna's legendary first ride at Donington in 1993

On April 11, 1993, Ayrton Senna performed one of the most legendary laps in the history of Formula 1. Reread the sharp analysis of the 1993 European Grand Prix written by Patrick Camus, not kind to Williams and Alain Prost but complimentary to About the Brazilian pilot.

Published on 01/05/2024 à 19:00

Patrick Camus

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Ayrton Senna's legendary first ride at Donington in 1993

Ayrton Senna made short work of Alain Prost at the Donington hairpin at the end of the first lap. © DPPI / François Flamand

This article was published in issue 876 of AUTOhebdo, dated April 15, 1993, written by Patrick Camus, under the title “Call him Monsieur!” »

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Come into the office, the consultation will be free. And without a second thought. The checkered flag has been lowered for a few minutes. After dragging his traditional yellow and green flag on the podium and in a few puddles, Senna presented himself to the journalists with undisguised joy. He enjoys this victory as he enjoyed that of Sao Paulo, two weeks before. There is something. If his departure was not the most successful, the few hundred meters that followed were enough. In just under a minute and three turns plus a hairpin, Senna had cleaned up around him. Wendlinger, Schumacher, Hill and Cheers ! Gobbled raw. All ! Diabolical, sparkling, confusing. Mind-boggling.


Exceptional, as the conditions seemed difficult to us, as the maneuvers carried out seemed easy and yet not very orthodox for fans of pure trajectories. There McLaren fly, aim and kill. Hits the mark with every shot. Right and left. Inside as much as outside. We think we're dreaming. But why do they have to bow down without saying a word? Does he inject them with a sleeping pill before striking? "I don't remember

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