Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin renew their vows, as if obvious

Announced as a potential candidate at Mercedes or Red Bull, Fernando Alonso has finally decided to swear loyalty to Aston Martin. An extension that no one expected given the timing but which ultimately appears to be the most logical solution.

Published on 12/04/2024 à 11:15

Gonzalo Forbes

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Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin renew their vows, as if obvious

Fernando Alonso carries Aston Martin in his heart. © Frédéric Le Floc'h / DPPI

« I'm here to stay. » With this simple sentence in a practically empty press release, Aston Martin took everyone by surprise this Thursday April 11. Five little words were enough to put an end to speculation concerning a hot topic in the paddock: the future of Fernando Alonso. The Asturian therefore remains at Silverstone while some announced it in the small papers of Red Bull – to replace Sergio Pérez – or Mercedes, to succeed Lewis Hamilton.

« This is just the beginning of this project and I am very happy to be part of it, he confided after the announcement. Physically, I'm at my best and I'm always hungry. I will give my best as we continue to move forward in our quest to become a team capable of being champions."

Aston Martin's first choice

At the end of the contract, the Taurus of Asturias therefore preferred to focus on continuity rather than a new start and above all a new challenge in 2025, who will celebrate his 43rd birthday on July 29. Often criticized for his career choices, has the double world champion made the right one this time?

Analyzing the current situation, the tendency is towards affirmation. By going to Red Bull or Mercedes, Fernando Alonso would probably not have had the status of number 1. On the other hand, at Aston Martin, despite the presence of the boss's son next to him in the garage, he probably had the guarantee to continue to be at the center of the project, he who has been supporting the team since his arrival at Silverstone at the start of 2023.

It's hard to say whether he surveyed the market or jumped at the chance when Lawrence Stroll offered him an extension, thus ensuring a few more years on the grid. In any case, the management of the Greens had no intention of letting go of the man who brought them 8 podiums last year and who manages to be very competitive in 2024 despite having equipment inferior to the top teams.

« We desperately want him to stay with us, recently confided Pedro De La Rosa, ambassador of Aston Martin and great friend of the person concerned, during his appearance on the show The Width. Having an asset like Fernando in an F1 team is very important. With results like this weekend (6th in Japan) and the improvement of the car, we will give him more reasons to choose us

We do not envisage a different scenario. We are working for Fernando to continue and we are working as if he continues. There is no plan B, our plan A, B and C is Fernando. We don't look at others. The team is very happy with Fernando and with Lance. » And this was seen with the summoning of factory employees to tell them the big news, greeted with applause.

Lawrence Stroll with his other son on the grid. © DPPI

What next for Fernando Alonso at Aston Martin?

Here is Fernando Alonso ready for a new adventure, always tinged with green. Arriving in 2023, the Asturian is committed to the long term, as evidenced by this new contract which should last at least until 2026 and the new technical regulations.

With the assurance of still being present on the grid, the former Renault is certainly giving himself one last chance to win his third world crown. How far will he go, who at the end of the 2026 season will have reached the 45-year mark? Is he planning beyond 2026 in F1? It is still very early to answer it but Alonso seems very motivated for the future.

« This is the longest contract I have ever signed in my careerhe says. This will keep me tied to Aston Martin for many years to come. » Case to be continued as Aston Martin also prepares its arrival in Hypercar and the person concerned has already affirmed not to be against the idea…

Fernando Alonso

© Xavi Bonilla / DPPI

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Gonzalo Forbes

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

12/04/2024 at 02:28 a.m.

Not surprised by this extension that I predicted a few days ago. To see if the 2026 Honda powerunit will be as efficient as the current one and with Fernand, everything is possible. One thing is certain: Aston and especially Aramco must have written a sumptuous check to this old rogue Alonso! What now of the second Aston seat, still reserved for the sole CDI / Intermittent of the grid show?


Eric Stevens

12/04/2024 at 12:48 a.m.

if he manages to win a race it would already be a miracle! then world champion!? even he doesn't believe it! he will continue to hurt aston, we can already see it this year where stroll is not doing well with the “alonso developments” which only suit him! It's always been like that, he's a good driver on a car that he only knows how to do is regress! at least he will keep a nice company car! RIP aston


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