Mercedes “on a war footing” to make changes as quickly as possible

Despite an anonymous race at Imola, Mercedes ensures that the developments made to the W15 work and the German team is pushing to bring new ones quickly, as its technical director James Allison explains.

Published on 22/05/2024 à 17:39

Dorian Grangier

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Mercedes “on a war footing” to make changes as quickly as possible

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Si Mercedes is currently stuck in an uncomfortable position this season, well away from the three leading teams, the Brackley factory is running at full speed behind the scenes. At Imola, the Silver Arrows introduced new developments on the W15 which would have allowed Lewis Hamilton and George Russell to win “one to two tenths per turn” on the best. New features, which were ultimately only " the second part " of a complete package, the first part of which was installed in Miami.

A frantic but essential pace of development so that Mercedes can return to the forefront as quickly as possible, while Red Bull, Ferrari et McLaren escape the championship. In a video published by Mercedes, James Allison returned to the effectiveness of these developments and confirmed that new parts will be introduced in Monaco and Canada.

“I would say, based on the race pace we saw at Imola, that we took a small step forward, affirms the technical director of Mercedes. We moved closer to the race lead by several tenths of a second compared to the start of the year and at Imola we gained one or two tenths of a second. We are quite happy with all of this. »

New developments to come for Mercedes

Before the Monaco Grand Prix, Mercedes seems to have regained some confidence in the path to follow for the development of its W15. Toto wolff speaks in particular of a “clear direction” and a “stronger platform” so that the Silver Arrows regain the outposts. James Allison, for his part, affirms that other steps will be taken during the next races.

“The factory is really on war footing at the moment, underlines the British engineer. The reason this upgrade package arrived in two parts (in Miami and then in Imola) is that it was originally supposed to arrive in one go, but we pushed forward what we could to get it a a little faster. This has been a great effort, and our challenge now is to continue this momentum. »

“We have other parts for the car that will arrive in Monaco, Canada and the following races, adds James Allison. We're going to continue working at the factory to find time to design them, build them, put them on the car and hopefully move up the hierarchy. » 

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