Will the McLaren's weak point be a hindrance for Norris in Monaco?

Despite the success of recent developments, McLaren has not yet erased all the ills of the MCL38. And the most pronounced of them could be felt in Monaco. But despite this threat, Lando Norris remains confident about the probability of a good performance in the Principality.

Published on 24/05/2024 à 13:24

Gonzalo Forbes

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Will the McLaren's weak point be a hindrance for Norris in Monaco?

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As in 2023, McLaren is the “summer hit” in 2024. This time a little more anticipated since it takes place during the spring period. But like the previous season, the Oranges have once again made a huge leap forward when the first big burst of developments was introduced.

There was Silverstone 2023. And this year, since the Grand Prix Miami, at the beginning of May, the Woking team has been transfigured. There was the victory of Lando Norris in Florida, 2e and 3e places in qualifying (on time sinceOscar piastri was subsequently penalized) in the same tenth as Max Verstappen... As in 2023, the observation is the same: McLaren has been able to improve its car for two years.

After Imola, another podium in Monaco for Norris and McLaren?

In Italy last weekend, he even managed to spice up the end of the Grand Prix by erasing his 7 seconds behind Max Verstappen to take the checkerboard just 7 tenths behind him. Initially. “ With one or two more turns... he blamed himself before moving on. I think I got it! I fought until the last lap but we just lost a little too much time compared to Max at the start of the race »

Not enough to bring down the child from Bristol who amassed a 17e career podium, the third in a row in Emilia-Romagna. A new encouraging result and which confirms that the MCL38 is holding on to the top of the table. Ideal before attacking Monaco then? Not really, according to the reports from Woking.

Monaco, the Achilles heel of MCL38?

Indeed, the latest addition to the Surrey workshops is not keen on slow corners. And the Principality route is full of them... Mirabeau, the Fairmont hairpin, the Nouvelle Chicane, the Rascasse... A nightmare for the McL38. But despite the plethora of curves of this type, minds are serene among the Oranges.

“(At Imola), my worst turns were 14 and 15 (the chicane of the last sector), the slowest part of the circuit, underlined Lando Norris after his podium last weekend. This is where I wasted the most time. We still have this weakness and we know it, we are working on it.

That doesn't worry me any more than that in view of Monaco. It's a circuit where you want to have a good car but above all it's also about commitment. It’s such a fast track. It's not just turning the wheel slightly, you have to commit to it. You have to see how far you are going to go on the rope. There is a lot of risk involved. When the element comes into play, it helps spread things out a bit. So I'm not worried. I can't wait to go. »Here is a confident boy and above all full of determination. Without doubt the best way to attack a weekend like Monaco. Maybe also the “Senna” livery, the king of the Rock, will bring him luck…

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