A three-year contract for Hamilton at Ferrari?

If the duration of the lease linking Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari has never been officially revealed, Frédéric Vasseur has suggested that the Englishman could stay there until at least 2027.

Published on 10/07/2024 à 10:16

Gonzalo Forbes

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A three-year contract for Hamilton at Ferrari?

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How long will the probably last challenge of Lewis Hamilton en Formula 1 ? When announcing his departure from Mercedes for Ferrari from 2025 on February XNUMX, the Team mentioned an arrival within the framework of a “multi-year” lease. A term that has become commonplace in the paddock in recent times and which means everything and nothing at the same time.

Two, three, four years? We don't really know and the teams must undoubtedly use this expression to protect themselves and to have the possibility of activating certain clauses in the agreement concluded with the driver in question. In the case of Lewis Hamilton, the only certainty that exists is that, barring a turnaround, he will play at least two campaigns with the Reds. But according to the words of Frédéric Vasseur, the adventure of the seven-time world champion could go beyond 2026 and therefore spend at least three years there.

In an interview with the Financial Times during which he spoke of the arrival of the Englishman and everything he represents, the Maranello boss indicated that the person concerned was planning on… the next three campaigns. “ Lewis is an important symbol because he sends a positive message to the paddock for the future of the team, he points. He had to make a choice: “Where do I have the best chance of winning the world championship in 2025, 26 or 27? And he answered: “Ferrari”. » It remains to be seen whether this is an option included in the lines of his contract with for example an extension for a third year which can be triggered automatically in the event of good results, etc.

With Lewis Hamilton, Frédéric Vasseur now hopes to attract “ good people » always as part of internal restructuring. “ We already have some at FerrariHe says. But I want us to get stronger. » Among them the one that everyone dreams of recruiting next year, namely Adrian Newey?

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Gonzalo Forbes

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

10/07/2024 at 11:55 a.m.

Well, all this does not encourage the arrival of new blood in F1! Bearman, if he confirms in 2025, is a priori not ready to be at the Scuderia. As for Adrian NEWEY, his old college friend Jeremy CLARKSON said this weekend at Silverstone that NEWEY was actively looking for a house in Northamptonshire, i.e. close to Silverstone and therefore the Aston Martin factory


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