Still defeated by Verstappen, Norris “lost the race at the start” in Spain

Starting from pole position, Lando Norris was not able to convert it into victory in Barcelona, ​​the fault of a too cautious start against George Russell and Max Verstappen.

Published on 23/06/2024 à 17:17

Dorian Grangier

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Still defeated by Verstappen, Norris “lost the race at the start” in Spain

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The duel between Max Verstappen et Lando Norris will become a classic of this 2024 season! Once again, the two drivers (and friends) found themselves fighting for victory, and once again, the battle turned to the advantage of the Dutchman. The Briton, who started in pole position, lost the benefit of his starting position from the first hectometers. Too careful, the pilot McLaren found himself trapped between Max Verstappen on the inside and George Russell on the outside, author of a great start.

Quickly returning to second place, Lando Norris was handicapped at the end of the race by the seconds lost in the first laps. Although faster than Max Verstappen in the last stint, the Englishman was unable to close the gap with the leader and failed just two seconds behind the winner. A scenario which is reminiscent of that of Imola, a few weeks earlier. A frustrating second place for the Briton, who however regained second place in the Drivers' championship following this sixth podium.

Lando Norris (McLaren), 2nd in the Spanish GP : “I couldn’t have, I should have [won the race]! I had a bad start which handicapped us. The car was incredible today, we were definitely the fastest. I just lost [the race] at the start. I'm disappointed. Lots of positives, just one negative and it ruined everything. I have to work on that for next time, but we get big points. A big thank you to the team because the car was incredible. »

“I don't know what I did wrong [initially] or if I was slightly out of line. I didn't lose so much compared to Max [Verstappen], it was more George [Russell] who came out on the outside and got me. But well played Red Bull and Max, another good job done for them, but it's a shame we lost her. It's a bit frustrating, but we'll come back next time. »

“Austria and Silverstone are two of my favorite circuits, in terms of performance and places where I perform well. I am impatient: we are in a good dynamic, we are working well, we still have to – or rather, I still have to improve on certain points and I will be in front. »

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