'A vote of confidence', Alexander Albon explains why he is staying at Williams

Following the announcement of his contract extension at Williams, Alexander Albon took part in the interview... and the questions were asked by his boss, James Vowles!

Published on 15/05/2024 à 15:31

Michael Duforest

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'A vote of confidence', Alexander Albon explains why he is staying at Williams


,James Vowles: Extending is a huge vote of confidence for the team, you saw the atmosphere at the factory. In fact, their reaction was even better than when I joined the team! Is that how you see it too, as a vote of confidence?

Alexander albon : “Yes, I see it like that. We talked about it, I know we signed recently, but in the process I wanted to use this signing as a way to motivate everyone. And also to show that the fact that I believe in this team is enough for us all to say that we can do it. I hope to be able to reassure everyone, in the sense that I believe in this adventure. Everyone should do the same. »

You were in high demand, and it was deserved, what made you decide to stay here?

“I believe in the project. I see all the work that has been done behind the scenes. You are very clear about where we stand now. This honesty, even in the present, is strong. You never say things are better than they are, that's important. But there is always an action, always something to be done that is proposed to make things improve. There is a real desire among the people who work at the factory to ensure that things change. So I had this feeling that we were still going in the right direction. It's been two years now that we've all been looking in the same direction, with an upward trajectory.

When we look at the results since the start of the season, I have the feeling that our current position is almost unfair. There are so many things that have gone well, I think maybe unfair isn't the right word because it's racing. In the end we base ourselves on the results. But I feel like the foundation of this team has improved tremendously and we're still evolving that. There is so much room for us to grow. I didn't necessarily have that impression when I arrived in the team. »

What makes Williams so special?

“Without wanting to sound corny, it’s the people involved in the team. We feel that it is a British team, it was built like a family team. And we really feel that it's a family, and that everyone is very close. Everyone really likes each other. I feel that everyone who joins us must have this feeling, as I had it. There is a feeling of care and love here. And as a result, this brings real attention to the team, a real desire to surpass themselves. When we lost time in certain aspects, especially because of the damage Logan and I caused, I think it was that love for this team, and working for this team, that created that situation. Everyone then wants to give their all and gets results, and I think not all teams can say the same. »

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