Can Kevin Magnussen still save his place at Haas in 2025?

While the names of Oliver Bearman, Valtteri Bottas and Esteban Ocon are more than ever linked to the Haas team, Kevin Magnussen still wants to believe in his chances of remaining on the grid in 2025. And the Dane knows what what he must do to achieve this...

Published on 20/06/2024 à 14:53

Dorian Grangier

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Can Kevin Magnussen still save his place at Haas in 2025?

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At Haas, many names are circulating to make up the 2025 crew: we are talking about Oliver Bearman, protégé of the academy Ferrari, we are talking aboutEsteban Ocon, looking for a new challenge after his adventure with Alpine, or Valtteri Bottas…but what about Kevin Magnussen ? The Dane is not in a favorable position – not to say that he is in the hot seat – to continue his collaboration with the American team. Returned as a hero in 2022 – urgently recruited after the episode mazepin – the 31-year-old driver is no longer really popular after two gloomy seasons in the American clan.

Haas delays with Magnussen

At the end of his contract at the end of the current season, Kevin Magnussen is aware of his situation at Haas: as proof, the Dane has played "Team Spirit" since the start of the championship, not hesitating to sacrifice himself to help his teammate Nico Hulkenberg, generally better placed on the grid. However, playing the team's game might not be enough to secure his seat in 2025.

Ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, the former protégé of McLaren spoke about his situation at Haas. “They told me they weren't in a hurry, and that's fine. They are in control, confided Kevin Magnussen. I think it's a very open market right now, and a lot of pieces need to fall into the puzzle. Slowly, everything is starting to come together, and I hope our future will be sorted out soon. » The Dane also spoke of discussions with other teams. “I think everyone is talking to everyone and checking out what options are available to us. As I said, I hope everyone's future is resolved as soon as possible. »

Magnussen and the qualifying problem

Dominated by Nico Hülkenberg since the start of the season, whether on Saturday (5-3 in qualifying in favor of the German) or on Sunday (6 points for the German, 1 point for the Dane), Kevin Magnussen is returned to his bumpy start to the championship, he who is also under suspension (10 penalty points out of 12 maximum), citing difficulties in qualifying.

“This year I struggled to do the little things right. Even with good performances, I was sidelined too often in Q1 due to bad timing with traffic and other things like that. I want to reduce this, but in hindsight it's hard to see what we should have done differently. Cars come out at weird times, without even having time to start a new lap, and you can't predict that. You just have to not dwell on it and move forward, keep a cool head and hope for better times. »

As mid-season approaches and seats become increasingly scarce, there is not much time left for Kevin Magnussen to prove his worth to the American team. We will have to be there this weekend, in Barcelona (June 21-23) to still have some hope – however slight – of staying in 2025.

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