Carlos Reutemann's daughter still claims her father's title and calls on the FIA

Cora, daughter of Carlos Reutemann, spoke out again in the matter in the 1981 season, believing that her father deserves to be recognized as the champion.

Published on 13/04/2024 à 12:41

Gonzalo Forbes

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Carlos Reutemann's daughter still claims her father's title and calls on the FIA


The fight goes on. A little over a year after its public release on social networks to demand justice regarding the outcome of the 1981 season which saw Nelson Piquet take the title by one point in front of his father Carlos, Cora Reutemann returned to the attack. This time, attacking the FIA ​​directly.

At the start of 2023, the daughter of late Argentinian pilot had taken advantage of the release of the documentary Lucky on the life of Bernie Ecclestone to request the attribution of the title of 1981 world champion, supposed to go to her father. In this series produced by Manish Pandey, the former boss of the F1, director of Brabham at the material time, recognizes that his driver Nelson Piquet had been favored against Carlos Reutemann during the Grand Prix at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Carlos Reutemann still defended by his daughter Cora

After sharing her thoughts on Twitter a little over a year ago without it changing things, Cora Reutemann has this time decided to take action. Indeed, Argentina directly appealed to the FIA ​​through an email that the Argentine media Infobae was able to obtain. In it, Lole's daughter informed the Federation, through a letter written by her lawyer, that she intends to launch a procedure for her father to be recognized as champion of the 1981 season.

« Madam, Sir, I am coming to you to send you this letter written in Spanish by my lawyer, here in Argentina where we will initiate the request for recognition as F11981 world champion to my father Carlos Alberto Reutemanncan we read. You can find much more information on the subject in the world press if you wish.

I waited a cautious amount of time out of respect to approach the president (Mohammed) Ben Sulayem because this whole situation came to light a few days before the tragic death of his son. » The fight is far from over for Cora, determined to win her case for the good of her family and especially for the recognition of her father.

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13/04/2024 at 05:45 a.m.

Ridiculous ! ! ! Is the title awarded in 1950, the first in the history of F1, definitive, or should we wait a few more decades to be sure? ! ?

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