Lance Stroll believes in the Aston Martin project and wants to continue in 2025

Lance Stroll has said he wants to continue with Aston Martin next year and is particularly optimistic about the future of Aston Martin.

Published on 19/06/2024 à 12:01

Yannis Duval

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Lance Stroll believes in the Aston Martin project and wants to continue in 2025

Stroll optimistic about Aston Martin's future. ©DPPI

While the transfer market is bustling everywhere, many drivers are not sure of being on the grid in 2025. Among them are Guanyu-Zhou, Kevin Magnussen, Valtteri Bottas, Daniel Ricciardo… And if there is one who does not wonder about his future, that’s good Lance stroll.

The Canadian has a somewhat special status compared to the other drivers since he races for Aston Martin, the stable of his father, Lawrence Stroll. So, the question is not “Will his team want to keep him?” » but rather “Will he want to continue with his team? ". And we are right to ask ourselves this question given the image he has been seeing for a while now…

Asked about his future, Lance Stroll made things clear, he wants to continue his adventure in Formula 1. " Yes of course. This is a question that many have asked me recently”. The 25-year-old pilot even seems to be looking towards the horizon and looking ahead to future years. He would like to be a major player in the Aston Martin project.

“It’s super exciting everything that’s happening at Silverstone, the project and the way we’ve grown over the last few years and we continue to do so. It’s definitely on my mind to continue to be a part of it. 

We were still fighting in the top 5 last year. And again at the start of the year, I think we were fast on one lap, then we suffered a little more with the degradation. Now we are focusing on picking up a point or two on a good weekend, which is not what we want as a team. Now we understand some of our problems. »

Lance Stroll is determined to help his team regain its place from last year. He knows it will take some time. “We identified the mistakes we made, and now we just have to sort it out and make further improvements to the car to resolve some of these issues. But it's not something that will happen overnight. 

It will happen over the course, I hope in not too many races, but there are still a lot left. He remains in 13 or 14 races, if I'm not mistaken. It's a long season, but we have work to do. »

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2 Comment (s)

Yves-Henri RANDIER

17/06/2024 at 01:59 a.m.

The only CDI on the F1 grid, oops!


Yves-Henri RANDIER

16/06/2024 at 05:05 a.m.

The only fixed-term contract on the F1 grid... until the day when the Aston Martin Board and Honda require two high-level drivers to achieve the ambitious objectives of the English brand?


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