'Two drivers are better than one', Norris believes McLaren's chances in battle against Red Bull

McLaren has had a string of good results recently. Beyond the car, the British team can rely on a particularly efficient duo of drivers, unlike certain teams...

Published on 12/06/2024 à 12:28

Yannis Duval

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'Two drivers are better than one', Norris believes McLaren's chances in battle against Red Bull

McLaren, the best team of the moment? ©DPPI

Was it McLaren currently had the best driver duo on the grid? Over the last three races, Lando Norris et Oscar piastri between them, they scored 88 points. Ferrari counts 65 over the same period and Red Bull 62 (including 58 from Max Verstappen). The Woking team, which was a little behind at the start of the season compared to its two competitors, seems to have caught up; she can now fight regularly for victory.

In Canada, Norris led the race for a moment but the intervention of the Safety Car prevented him from achieving his second career success. At the end of the Grand Prix, the Briton did not hesitate to point out the strategic choices of his team.

“We should have won the race today and we didn't, he explains at the end of the race. We didn't do a good enough job as a team to pit when we should have done so as not to be stuck behind the safety car. So I don't think it's a matter of luck or bad luck. It was just a bad decision. It's my fault, it's the team's fault and we'll discuss it [...] In Miami, the Safety Car helped me win, there it helped me lose. »

The manufacturers' title, more than a dream?

Despite this slight disappointment, McLaren seems to be the strongest team at the moment. It can count on a particularly efficient duo of drivers who extract almost 100% of the car's potential each race weekend.

“We're going to keep attacking and I think that's one of our biggest strengths right now, added Lando Norris. We have two pilots (him and Oscar Piastri, Editor’s note) who don't make mistakes and get just about everything out of the car every weekend. There aren't many other teams on the grid that have such a thing. »

This advantage allows the British team to often play in a two-on-one situation on the track, particularly against Max Verstappen, which gives a real strategic advantage. Norris underlined the effectiveness of his association with Piastri, but also made a point of throwing a small dig at Sergio Pérez, who, according to him, does not really help his teammate in the fight for the constructors' championship: “D"They're better pilots than one, you know, in Max's case..." 

Maintain the pace

It is still early to talk about a return of the constructors' title to Woking. Norris prefers to temper and continue moving in the right direction. “We're doing a good job, but we still need to keep moving forward and try to make more improvements. Because with the arrival of Mercedes in the battle it will be even more difficult to score big points like we did today (in Canada, Editor’s note) »

The first third of the season has passed and McLaren is in 3rd place in the championship with 40 points behind Ferrari and 89 behind Red Bull. Even if the Austrian team is now a little ahead of its competitors, there are still many races to go and the constructors' championship is still far from over, especially if Sergio Pérez continues his poor momentum...

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

12/06/2024 at 04:54 a.m.

Obviously, McLaren has 2 very young and very solid drivers, not experiencing a "weekend without", which can greatly help against Red Bull! Hello, TexMex, is anyone there?

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