Without Stroll's help, Alonso does not consider himself capable of extracting the full potential of his Aston Martin

For Fernando Alonso, the sensations and feedback from his teammate Lance Stroll are “crucial” to improve the AMR24.

Published on 18/04/2024 à 10:20

Gonzalo Forbes

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Without Stroll's help, Alonso does not consider himself capable of extracting the full potential of his Aston Martin

“You see Lance, you and I can accomplish great things together. » © Antonin Vincent / DPPI

In addition to mastering the steering wheel, Fernando Alonso has always stood out since the start of his career for his mastery of communication. Some will say it is good, others bad... Judge for yourself. Still, the double world champion has become an expert on the subject over time.

By arriving at Aston Martin last year, the Asturian understood this perfectly. With his boss's son Lawrence Stroll as his teammate, Fernando Alonso has become more than ever a politician at heart. His releases are careful, there is no shortage of good comments... We have rarely seen him like this, he who has not hesitated in the past to criticize when necessary. But the Asturian is clever and with Lance stroll on the other side of the garage, he will not take action, especially not publicly. At least for the moment.

Alonso-Stroll, unity is strength

Come here, big guy! © Xavi Bonilla / DPPI

Ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend, the former Renault, McLaren ou Ferrari demonstrated it again with an outing of which only he has the secret. Asked about his teammate and the progress to be made on the AMR24, Fernando Alonso was only complimentary of the Canadian, whose contribution to development should not be neglected according to him.

« Lance and I try to help the team as much as possible, confides the person concerned. In my opinion, we have two different driving styles in certain conditions and therefore different sensations with the car.

Lance is a lot more sensitive to things than me, which is very important for the team. The analysis that Lance can do and that he can pass on to the team is crucial for us and to improve the car. I'm sometimes a little [insensitive] to certain details and that is not a good thing. We both try to help Aston as much as we can, and the direction we are taking for development but also for tuning over a weekend is exactly the same. So we come to the same conclusions, maybe in a different way, and I think these two different styles are a good thing for Aston."

If he largely dominated his partner in the Greens last year with 132 points difference and above all 8 podiums to zero, Fernando Alonso did not however consider himself capable of extracting the full potential from his equipment. To achieve it, he recognizes that he needs Lance Stroll, despite a palpable gap in level. “ Sometimes I drive the car around the problems we have and sometimes that's a good thing because I can drive any car, at any time, and get 90% out of it., he concedes.

But to achieve 100%, I sometimes can't do without my teammate's help on particular details of tuning or balance issues. We benefit from each other in different ways and that's a good thing right now. » From the great Fernando Alonso who takes care of his image with the big boss.

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