Lamera Cup: Girl Power in Dijon

The penultimate meeting of the 2023 Lamera Cup takes place at the legendary Dijon-Prenois circuit this weekend.

Published on 20/10/2023 à 19:17

Dominique Dricot

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Lamera Cup: Girl Power in Dijon

Cindy Gudet and Victoire Rasse in discovery session of the Lamera Cup in Dijon-Prenois / © Dominique Dricot

As always, the promotional cup offers newcomers the opportunity to taste the sensations of driving.

This time, it is the smile of Cindy Gudet and Victoire Rasse which lights up the Burgundian paddock. Two young women with different paths who will make common cause on Thierry Soave's Lamera.

Cindy Gudet practically discovered the Dijon-Prenois track this Friday morning but her experience in motorsport is rich with six titles in the French Mountain Championship, she who is driving, this year, at the wheel of a 470 horsepower Proto Revolt .

In addition, the young woman also participates in European rallies in the cup set up by Opel with her electric Corsas.

Victoire Rasse has a different CV. Before the health crisis, she tasted the sensations of Porsche 991 GT3 Cup on most circuits in France. However, it is drifting that she enjoys the most.

For fun

What does it matter! Cindy and Victoire have a common goal: to make the most of this great opportunity.

« I was seduced by the torque offered by the Ford engine in the Lamera, points out Cindy. The chassis is playful but stable. I'm looking forward to progressing throughout the weekend while keeping in mind that I'm here for fun first and foremost. »

Victoire’s approach is practically identical…

« I land in unknown territory, points out the Porschist. I don't know the car, the circuit or the team I'm part of. My passages in the fast curves are still a little hesitant because I no longer practice motorsport on a regular basis.

It does not matter. We are remarkably coached. I only want one thing: to progress with each round while having fun. This Burgundian weekend looks promising. »

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