Lamera Cup in Dijon: rain comes during qualifying

For two days, the Lamera Cup competitors will taste the subtleties of driving on the Dijon-Prenois track.

Published on 20/10/2023 à 18:24

Dominique Dricot

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Lamera Cup in Dijon: rain comes during qualifying

The Lamera Cup stops at Dijon-Prenois this weekend / © Lamera Cup

This Friday, after the traditional free practice, the serious things began with the qualifying sessions.

Three nine-minute sessions where, in turn, the first three drivers from each team got the most out of the Lamera. On several occasions, rain appeared. A sort of warning shot.

A few minutes later, the 15 fastest cars were invited to compete for Super Pole.

Every 30 seconds, three cars set off. The first ones were treated to a practically dry track while the last ones (in fact the fastest drivers in qualifying) had to deal with a much more slippery asphalt due to the rain. Which gave astonishing results.

Thus, the first row, this Saturday morning, will be occupied by two Pro-Am crews. Super Pole went to Thomas Boust (CTF -2BE3) ahead of Léon Hubert (GDM Racing).

As for the best drivers in the Elite category, they will start from the soft belly of the peloton. This will give an even more intense character to the La-mera Cup on the Dijon circuit.

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