Romain Dumas remains the king of Pikes Peak with his Ford F-150!

Romain Dumas takes a 5th victory at Pikes Peak, this time with an electric Ford F-150, despite stopping mid-climb. Dani Sordo finishes 3rd for his debut at Pikes Peak.

Published on 23/06/2024 à 19:44

Medhi Casaurang

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Romain Dumas remains the king of Pikes Peak with his Ford F-150!

Romain Dumas won Pikes Peak 2024. Photo Ford Performance

Ranking Pikes Peak In 2024:

He couldn't celebrate the 10th anniversary of his first victory at Pikes Peak in any other way... than with a success. This Sunday, June 23, Romain Dumas was the fastest to climb the famous Colorado mountain, at the wheel of his Powerful electric Ford F-150 Lightning (1 horsepower)!

The Frenchman only took 8'53''553 to climb the 20 km and 156 turns, sometimes on the side of a cliff, of the course. This is a little over a minute slower than its record set in 2018 with the Volkswagen ID. R electric, but this year, difficult weather conditions led to the cancellation of several test sessions during the week.

Above all, Romain Dumas had to stop for around twenty seconds at the start of the climb! His Ford F-150 having suddenly turned off, the Alésien had to “reset” his pick-up before resuming his race. His time should have been, in theory, more impressive.

With this victory, Romain Dumas adds his name a little more to the legend of the most legendary hill climb in the world. This is his 5th triumph in a decade, and he joins evocative names like Rod Millen (winner with the Toyota Celica and Tacoma) on the list.

The podium is completed by the Italian Christian Merli. For his first participation, the five-time European mountain champion failed just 10 seconds behind Romain Dumas aboard a boat Wolff Aurobay Gb08 2.0 Hp.

Another rookie well known to fans of rally, Dani Sordo takes the third step of the podium. The Spaniard was piloting a Hyundai new, the Ioniq 5 N TA Spec, entered by the Bryan Herta Autosport team.

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