Johan Kristoffersson will aim for the title in a Polo with a thermal engine

Even if it is difficult to be convinced, the world rallycross championship is still moving. As the first round finally looms, teams reveal their plans. This is the case of Kristoffersson Motorsport which will field two Volkswagen Polos with thermal engines.

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Johan Kristoffersson will aim for the title in a Polo with a thermal engine

A look back for Johan Kristoffersson who will find a thermal engine on his Polo (Photo: KMS)

The switch to all-electric for the 2022 season was announced as the magic formula that would allow the WRX to emerge from the oblivion into which it had fallen. Unfortunately, this did not result in the massive arrival of new competitors. Still as confidential, this world championship suffered the final blow last year with the fire of the entire Special One Racing structure where Sébastien was competing. Loeb. In order to try to relaunch this competition once again, the FIA ​​and the promoter, Rallycross Promoter GmbH (a branch of Red Bull identical to WRC), decided to backtrack. Within a project called “ Battle of technologies ", competitors will be able to race with cars incorporating different technologies, which should undoubtedly impose a sort of BoP to balance performance.

As the start of the season (finally!) approaches (July 6-7 in Höljes in Sweden), the discipline is in complete limbo. In addition to the propulsion modes, a new division of weekends, an innovative points system and a relatively new manufacturer (the American Hoosier Racing Tire) will appear. There is still good news to report in this rather gray picture with the announcement of the arrival of Kristoffersson Motorsport with two cars.

For his cars, the six-time world champion has chosen a combustion engine that will use sustainable gasoline (ICE). For this, he partnered with Horse Powertrain, through the Swedish company Aurobay. The two Polo KMS 601 RXs will be driven by Johan who will aim for a 7e title and Ole Christian Veiby of which it will be the 3e season.

The bet seems daring in the face of competitors who could remain in 100% electric mode. “ It will be difficult to compete with electric cars, recognizes the Swede, but Aurobay is a dream partner for us, not only as a sponsor, but also in technical terms. It will be very nice to work with a long-term structure and be able to plan accordingly. It’s an exciting project that has a lot of the typical KMS spirit. "" We're pivoting and heading in a different direction, making it tricky to predict how we'll stack up against the competition, confirms OC Veiby. There are a lot of complicated elements to test on a new car, but it will be very exciting to work with such an important and supportive partner. »

The 2024 WRX calendar

July 06 – 07: Sweden

July 27 – 28: Hungary

August 17 – 18: Belgium

September 07 – 08: Portugal

Nov 30 - Dec 1: Australia


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