Disappearance: Alain Szafarczyk (1946-2024)

President of the ASA Hérault and of the Organizing Committee of the Critérium des Cévennes since 2016, Alain Szafarczyk passed away on January 1 following a long fight.

Published on 08/01/2024 à 16:32

Pierre Barre

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Disappearance: Alain Szafarczyk (1946-2024)

© Gregory Lenormand / DPPI

It was with a helmet on his head, as a driver but also as a co-driver, that Alain Szafarczyk discovered the joys of motor racing in the 1960s. Very quickly caught up in the game, he nevertheless chose to hang up his suit and gloves in order to join the ranks of the Alméras team, chrono in hand to help the Porsche brothers perfect their creations and their driving skills. His very busy professional life – he was a science professor at the University of Montpellier – did not prevent him from investing body and soul in the development of ASA Hérault, an entity that he would chair for almost 40 years. late. In parallel with this associative commitment, he officiated for many years on a multitude of national and international circuit events, rally or even a hill climb, notably by donning the hat of a race director.

At the end of 2016, the Critérium des Cévennes was at its worst and had just suffered a cancellation which could have sounded its death knell. Strengthened by his passion and his commitment, now retired but certainly not satisfied, Alain Szafarczyk had thus taken over the reins of ASA Hérault while trying to revive the legendary ordeal of his childhood, he who is from the Cévennes village of Ribeaute-les-Tavernes. Thanks to his hard work, his managerial qualities recognized by all, and his keen sense of management, he had achieved this feat to restore the Critérium des Cévennes to its letters of nobility despite the financial concerns which had plagued the rally.

Small in size but large in his human qualities, the man who was sometimes nicknamed the “Giant of the Cévennes” was unable to reign in the destinies of the last edition of the Critérium last October, the fault of the appearance of problems of health which would unfortunately increase over the weeks. The big motorsport family did not fail to pay tribute to “Zaf” on social networks, a much appreciated and acclaimed character in the French rally landscape.

To his wife, his two children and his loved ones, the AUTOhebdo editorial staff sends its most sincere condolences.

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