Emma Chalvin and Alizée Pottier, 2024 Women’s Auto Sport ambassadors of the FFSA

On the sidelines of the Côte Fleurie rally, the French Motor Sports Federation, through Pierre Gosselin; Secretary General representing President Nicolas Deschaux; and Pierre Ragues, President of the Normandy League, renewed his feminization plan and presented the two drivers Emma Chalvin and Alizée Pottier, who will participate in the ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup 2024 under the colors of the FFSA.

Published on 23/02/2024 à 16:20

Valentin GLO

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Emma Chalvin and Alizée Pottier, 2024 Women’s Auto Sport ambassadors of the FFSA

Emy Ailloud-Perraud, Emma Chalvin, Christophe Lollier, Pierre Gosselin, Pierre Ragues, Alizée Pottier and Lou Murcia ©Pierre Simenel / MAP

In 2023, the French Motor Sport Federation launched a unique motorsport development program aimed at the female public. Called “Female Auto Sport”, this label deployed a broad dedicated communications plan throughout the year, notably through @sportautofeminin, the official Instagram account aiming to raise awareness and promote female practice in all disciplines, as well as numerous operations on events.

The showcase of this ambitious program also consisted of financially and technically supporting the participation of two young women in the ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup championship. Through these activations, the FFSA has inspired new vocations and increased the number of women licensed by +7% over one year.

It was in Deauville and in the presence of institutions and partners that the two 100% female crews and new federal ambassadors were unveiled. The FFSA ambassadors will each drive an Opel Corsa Electric Rally in the colors of the FFSA over the eight 2024 rounds, including three in France, of this international championship.

« En rally, after the promotion of the first two representatives of season 1 to the higher levels, it is Alizée Pottier (23 years old) and Emma Chalvin (22 years old) who become ambassadors of the FFSA for 2024, explains Nicolas Deschaux, President of the French Motor Sport Federation Like their elders, the two young drivers, co-driven respectively by Lou Murcia and Emy Ailloud-Perraud, will participate in the ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup championship with the financial support of the FFSA and technical support of the FFSA Academy. We believe that this is the best strategy to prepare them for accession to the highest level of rallying and, by capillary action, promote new vocations and thus increase our number of licensees. »

« This is a golden opportunity, adds Emma Chalvin, FFSA 2024 ambassador driver I am lucky to be able to continue my learning while benefiting from a professional environment within the FFSA Academy. We have very comprehensive monitoring in order to put ourselves in the best conditions to perform this season. I am very proud to have been selected to wear the colors of the FFSA. »

« I think this is the chance of my life, believes Alizée Pottier. It's been 6 years since I struggled to move from category to category in Rallycross and I am slowly entering the world of rallying so the opportunity of the FFSA could not be refused. It allows me to make a huge leap in my career. I will be able to be supervised by a team of professionals: dietician, sports coach, podiatrist, neurologist, driver, co-pilot… I am proud to represent women's development on an international scale in rallying. »

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