Portugal: Yohan Rossel: “I appreciate encountering such adversity”

Positioned at the head of the WRC2 championship, Yohan Rossel approaches Portugal after good preparation. Enthusiastic about the presence of the main candidates for the title, the Gardois is banking on the progress of his C3 on this surface to stand out.

Published on 09/05/2024 à 15:43


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Portugal: Yohan Rossel: “I appreciate encountering such adversity”

At the wheel of his Citroën C3 Rally2, will Yohan Rossel be able to achieve the same performance as in 2022? (Photo Nikos Katikis/DPPI)

With tests and participation in the Aboboreira Rally in Portugal, it seems that you have prepared well for this meeting?

We actually worked well, particularly on the shock absorbers. I think everyone did an extraordinary job and I think we took a step forward compared to last year. However, I am waiting to see if this will allow us to fight with the best.

Seeing you compete in a race beforehand is not that common?

It’s true that it was the first time we did this and there’s nothing better. It seems to me to be very useful. We've wanted to do this for a long time and it's really good that it happened here. This is the surface on which I want to make things happen and having other drivers competing in C3 should help us too.

How does progress manifest?

Last year we had a lot of trouble between the front and rear of the car. Either the front met our expectations or it was the rear. Today we have a better scale. It's not always easy to drive, but as long as it performs well, we get by.

Is Portugal an event that you are starting to know well?

Indeed. It's a race in which I have often scored points. We even won in 2022. We were well in the game before 2023 with the arrival of reinforced tires. Before leaving, everyone says that we have to be careful, that there are breakable parts, but every year we realize that we all leave with our feet on the floor. It's that, or find yourself 30'' after a stopwatch.

What will be your objective for this edition?

Our start to the season has been good so far and we will look to continue this momentum. I hope we will be able to fight for victory. The field is substantial with most of the contenders. I find it very interesting and I have always been motivated to have to face several opponents, some of whom have won rounds of the WRC (Kris Meeke, Editor’s note). However, we will try to ride without thinking too much about the championship. Above all, I want to try to show my speed on dirt. On the tarmac, we could see that we have nothing to envy of our competitors with already two podiums and it will be good to be able to compare ourselves with other C3 drivers on this surface.


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