AUTOhebdo Inside x Porsche regulations

Article 1: ORGANIZER

The competition is organized by AUTO HEBDO EDITION (hereinafter “the Organizing Company”) whose head office is located at 102-104 avenue Edouard Vaillant, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt. This competition is organized in partnership with Porsche France. It is not sponsored, managed or organized by TikTok or Instagram.


This game is free, with no obligation to purchase, it is entitled “AUTOhebdo Inside X Porsche” and is subject to the conditions and terms described in these regulations (hereinafter the “Competition”).

The purpose of the competition is to create videos with the aim of discovering and revealing new talents in the creation of content, around motor sports, on the internet.

Participants must create a video of a maximum duration of one minute that talks about the following topic: Porsche in 24 Hours of Le Mans, according to the following conditions:

  • To participate, any participant must post their video on the social networks TikTok or Instagram mentioning the hashtag #AUTOHEBDOINSIDE.
  • To do this, the participant accesses the Competition by launching the application and connecting to their TikTok or Instagram account open to the public (i.e. whose confidentiality conditions are public),
  • The participant must also mention the tag of the AUTOhebdo and Porsche France accounts on the selected platform.
  • The participant must follow the AUTOhebdo and Porsche France accounts on the platform from which they participate in the Competition.

Thus, participation requires being a member of TikTok or Instagram and respecting its conditions of use. No other means of participation (in particular by mail, fax, email) will be taken into account. Participation is individual and the person holding the TikTok or Instagram account who posted the video will be considered to be the participant.

Therefore, subject to compliance with these regulations, to participate in the Competition, you simply:

– Have a TikTok or Instagram account open to the public;

– broadcast a video meeting the criteria listed above;

– mention the dedicated hashtag #AUTOHEBDOINSIDE in the description of the video;

– subscribe and mention by tag the AUTOhebdo and Porsche France accounts

Broadcasting the video with the hashtag #AUTOHEBDOINSIDE directly registers participants in the competition. The participant who deletes their TikTok or Instagram account during the duration of the Competition will no longer be able to participate in this Competition and will be deemed to have renounced, in fact, their participation.

The Competition will take place from 24/04/2024 from 08:00 a.m. to 23/05/2024 08:00 a.m., Paris time, according to three distinct phases described below:

  • 1st phase :
    • From 24/04/2024 08:00 a.m. to 08/05/2024 23:59 p.m., each participant will be able to post their video according to the aforementioned conditions
    • From 24/04/2024 08:00 a.m. to 08/05/2024 23:59 p.m., a public vote will be held in the form of “likes” on the platforms on which these videos have been published.
    • The 15 videos having received the most “likes” at the end of this first phase will be selected for the 2rd phase. phase.
  • 2rd phase :
    • Among the 15 videos selected for the 2rd phase, 5 videos will be chosen by a jury composed of members of the editorial staff of AUTO HEBDO EDITION and Porsche France.
  • 3rd phase :
    • The 5 videos chosen by the jury will be submitted to a vote by Internet users on the website from 15/05/2024 08:00 a.m. to 22/05/2024 23:59 p.m.
    • The video with the most votes at the end of the voting phase will win 1er competition prize.
    • The videos arrived in 2rd to 5rd position of the best votes will receive the 2rd to 5rd price.

The end of the competition is set for 23/05/2024 with the nomination of the winning video and the awarding of prizes.


The Competition is open to any natural person of legal age, residing in France, speaking French (hereinafter the “Participants”), excluding employees of the Organizing Company, as well as any person who has directly or indirectly participated in the design, production or management of the Competition, as well as members of their family living in the same household under penalty of automatic elimination.

The costs of participating in the Competition, whatever they may be (internet connection costs, etc.) are not reimbursed by the Organizing Company.

Participation in the Competition entails full acceptance of these regulations, in all their provisions.

All participation is personal. The participant may participate in the competition several times with different videos. Also, by his participation, the participant certifies that he is the sole and true holder of the account used to post the video.

It is strictly prohibited, by any means whatsoever, to modify or attempt to modify the features of the proposed competition, in particular in order to modify the results or to influence by automated or unfair means the designation of a winning participant. In particular, article 323-2 of the Penal Code is recalled: Obstructing or distorting the operation of an automated data processing system is punishable by five years' imprisonment and a fine of €150.»

The Organizing Company reserves the right to take any action it deems useful against any participant who does not comply with one of the conditions of these Competition rules.

At the end of the results, the Organizing Company will verify the conditions of validity of participation. In the event of violation of these rules or any legal or regulatory provision, it will notify the participant(s) concerned. In this case, an additional designation of the winning participants may be made as quickly as possible.


The participant guarantees that he is the author of the video that he posted on the TikTok or Instagram platform and guarantees that he is the sole owner of the rights thereto.

The participant further guarantees:

  • that the posted video does not infringe any third party rights, in particular any intellectual property rights or any image rights.
  • have obtained from any third party having directly or indirectly participated in the production of the video or appearing in the video all necessary authorizations allowing them to submit the video as part of the Competition.
  • not have violated any legal or regulatory provision for the production of the video.

Participants refrain from disrespectful behavior (e.g. by making insulting or insulting remarks) towards other participants and/or AUTOhebdo and its partners. And

Participants accept that the data contained in the information systems of Tiktok and Instagram have probative value until proven otherwise.

Participants authorize all verifications, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, concerning their identity, their age, the ownership of their Instagram and Tiktok accounts as part of the Competition.

The Organizing Company strives to ensure the smooth running of the Competition. However, if a technical failure occurs on the Instagram and Tiktok platforms and affects the smooth running of the Competition in conditions beyond the control of the Organizing Company, the latter cannot be held liable towards the participants.


Participant videos must also comply with the following rules:

– The duration of each video is a maximum of one minute with or without background sound, with or without comments, with or without subtitles;

– All media such as smartphones, videos, tablets, cameras, can be used to create the video;

– Naked, pornographic scenes, shocking, political, violent, vulgar, sexual, sexist, discriminatory images and comments as well as any reference to drunkenness or drugs will result in the disqualification of the participant for the video in question. cause. Generally speaking, any video that does not respect good morals or is contrary to public order will be disqualified and may be subject to prosecution in view of the rules it may infringe;

– Videos which are not published within the defined competition deadlines, which do not deal with the theme of Porsche at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, or which exceed the authorized regulatory time, will be automatically disqualified.

Finally, any participation in the competition which does not respect the conditions and terms of these regulations will not be taken into account.


The winning videos will be chosen on 23/05/2024 from 8 a.m. on the website. Each video can only win one prize at most.

The prizes to be won are as follows:

– 1st prize: Payment of the sum of 2.000 euros (two thousand euros) + a 5-day stay (from Wednesday morning to Sunday evening) offered from Paris, accommodation and meals included, to attend the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with accreditation allowing access to the paddock and the press room during the entire event, travel in a Porsche to the circuit in the company of Romain BERNARD, editor-in-chief of AUTOhebdo + a one-year subscription to the digital version of AUTOhebdo magazine (Value: €3000)

– 2nd to 5th prize: A one-year subscription to the digital version of AUTOhebdo magazine and Porsche goodies (Value: €150).

The winning participants must confirm their acceptance of the prize, by responding to the private message sent by the Organizing Company via the TikTok or Instagram application, within two (2) days following receipt of the private message sent to them. Any winner who does not respond to the private message announcing the win within two (2) days of sending it will be considered to have forfeited their prize. The prize will not be awarded and cannot under any circumstances be claimed later. It may be assigned to other participants. Unusable or false contact details after verification will not be taken into account. It is not up to the Organizing Company to carry out additional research in order to find the winner. In this case, the winning participants will lose the benefit of their prize and the Organizing Company cannot be held liable due to the impossibility of contacting the winning participant.

Prizes cannot be exchanged, in particular for cash and/or other goods or services of any nature whatsoever. Only the person holding the participating TikTok account or Instagram account will be able to be awarded a prize.


By participating in the competition, participants agree that their video will be shared, reproduced and distributed on AUTOhebdo's TikTok and Instagram social networks and its website as long as their video includes the mention #AUTOHEBDOINSIDE and the mention #PORSCHE. Thus, each participant grants to AUTO HEBDO EDITION all its intellectual property rights relating to the videos, in particular it grants them its rights of reproduction, representation and adaptation, free of charge, for the entire world and for the duration of the competition and the 6 (six) months following its closing for distribution on the social networks TikTok and Instagram as well as the AUTO HEBDO EDITION website. The Participant thus grants AUTO HEBDO EDITION the right to use, reproduce, distribute, the videos transmitted (including the image of the participant and/or the image of any third party appearing therein), in whole or in part, on any medium , and in all formats, as well as the right to modify them by inserting the mentions of the partners of the operation. In addition, the videos may be accompanied by any captions, comments and/or illustrations.


AUTO HEBDO EDITION reserves the right to modify, extend or simply cancel the Competition due to any event beyond its control. No compensation could be claimed in this regard. Their responsibility cannot under any circumstances be retained in the event of connection difficulties.


The rules of the competition are filed with [insert the name of the bailiff if the rules are filed]. It can be sent free of charge by email to anyone by making a request to the following address:


Participation in the Competition implies full acceptance of these regulations. Any violation of the rules will result in disqualification of the participant. Any inaccurate or misleading declaration or any fraud will result in the disqualification of the participant.

The Organizing Company cannot be held responsible if, for reasons beyond its control (in particular in the event of force majeure) as well as any other event considered by it to make it impossible to carry out the Competition under the conditions initially planned, the Competition was partially or totally modified, postponed or canceled.

The participants, if they are winners, authorize AUTOhebdo to use their first and last names for information purposes without restriction or reservation and without this conferring on them any remuneration, rights or advantages other than the awarding of the prize. AUTOhebdo reserves the right to exclude, temporarily or permanently, any participant who, through their behavior, would harm the smooth running of the Competition or the image of AUTOhebdo.


The purpose of this clause is to inform participants of the conditions and methods under which the Organizing Company processes their personal data.

11.1 Applicable regulations: the processing of personal data carried out by the Organizing Company is subject in particular to European Regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and to free movement of these data (known as “GDPR”) and to Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, as amended (known as the “Informatics and Freedoms Law”).

With regard to these Privacy Regulations, the Organizing Company is qualified as the data controller.

11.2 Processing of Personal Data, purposes and legal bases: The Organizing Company carries out the following processing operations: direct and indirect collection, consultation, use, storage and all other operations strictly necessary for its activity and the organization of the Competition.

Generally speaking, the Organizing Company undertakes to collect and process Personal Data that is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed. This Personal Data may be collected directly by the Organizing Company or indirectly through a third party.

The Personal Data that the Organizing Company may be required to process are for example: the surname, first name, telephone number, Instagram and Tiktok accounts, address and email addresses of the participants.

Personal Data is collected and processed for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes, and is not subsequently processed in a manner incompatible with these purposes. These purposes include the organization and execution of the Competition; monitoring the relationship and managing the Organizing Company’s database.

The legal bases for the processing carried out include: the organization of the Competition, its execution and/or its legitimate interest in communicating with participants.

11.3 Duration of retention of Personal Data: The Organizing Company undertakes to retain Personal Data only for the period strictly necessary for processing for the aforementioned purposes, and in any event within the limits imposed by applicable regulations and legislation.

However, the Organizing Company may retain certain Personal Data for subsequent periods in order to meet various obligations (e.g. accounting and tax), legal limitation periods and to respond to possible requests for communication sent by authorized third parties (tax administration, police department, etc.).

Likewise, the winners' data will be kept and published on the social networks Instagram and TikTok as well as on the AUTOhebdo website ( for 6 (six) months from the closing of the competition. Competition and awarding of prizes.

11.4 Confidentiality and Sharing of information: Personal data entrusted to the Organizing Company may be shared with companies in the group to which it belongs if this sharing is necessary to meet one of the aforementioned purposes.

Personal Data may, where applicable, be transmitted to third-party service providers involved in the provision of our services (organization of events, communication with partners, customer follow-up, satisfaction survey, etc.). The Organizing Company undertakes to only communicate the Personal Data collected to authorized and trusted third parties, who process them on its behalf, according to its instructions and in accordance herewith.

Furthermore, Personal Data may be disclosed to a third party if the Organizing Company is required to do so by law, a regulatory provision, or a court order, or if this disclosure is made necessary for the purposes of an investigation, injunction or of legal proceedings, on national territory or abroad.

11.5 Security of Personal Data

  1. Measures and guarantees provided by the Organizing Company: The Organizing Company provides a standard level of security to protect Personal Data against any accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, distribution or unauthorized access, as well as against any other form of processing. illicit or communication to unauthorized persons. In addition, the Organizing Company implements standard means aimed at ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the Personal Data processed.

Generally speaking, despite all the security measures implemented by the Organizing Company, it cannot guarantee that communications and other Personal Data will not be intercepted or disclosed by a third party.

  1. Violations of the protection of Personal Data: if the Organizing Company becomes aware of an incident affecting Personal Data (unauthorized access, loss, disclosure or alteration of data), it undertakes to inform the National Informatics Commission. and Liberties (CNIL) at the latest within 72 hours following its discovery. In the event of a violation of Personal Data likely to create a high risk for the rights and freedoms of a person concerned, the Organizing Company undertakes to inform the latter as soon as possible, and under the conditions and according to the modalities provided for. by the Privacy Regulations.

11.6 Rights of data subjects: any data subject whose Personal Data is processed by the Organizing Company has the following rights:

  • Right of access (e.g.: check the data we store and obtain a copy);
  • Right to rectification (e.g. update or correct data if it is incomplete or incorrect);
  • Right to object at any time to the collection and processing of all or part of the data for commercial prospecting purposes, for example, including profiling to the extent that it is linked to such prospecting;
  • Right to limitation (e.g. in certain cases provided for by law, and if the data subject questions the processing of certain of their data, they may request that its use be limited during the management of our dispute);
  • Right to portability (e.g. the data subject has the right to recover their data or to require their transmission to third party providers);
  • Right to erasure (e.g. the data subject may request the permanent deletion of data in the database concerning them);
  • Right not to be subject to a decision based exclusively on automated processing, including profiling, which produces legal effects concerning the data subject or similarly significantly affects them.
  • Data law guidelines on the fate of one's data after death.

The data subject may exercise these rights at any time by sending us an email request to or by post addressed to AUTO HEBDO EDITION 102 avenue Edouard Vaillant – 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt. If you believe, after contacting us, that your “Computer and Liberties” rights are not respected, you can send a complaint to the CNIL, the supervisory authority for the protection of personal data.


AUTO HEBDO EDITION will have sole jurisdiction to settle any dispute relating to the application of these regulations. Any complaints must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within eight days following participation in the Competition to the following address: AUTO HEBDO EDITION 102 avenue Edouard Vaillant – 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

The Competition is subject to French law.