Ferrari still ready to power Red Bull

As relations between Red Bull and Renault appear to be ending soon, Ferrari could well be the only solution for the Austrian structure.

Published on 08/09/2015 à 10:23


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Red Bull Racing et Toro Rosso could well be powered by Ferrari from 2016. While the relationships between the Red Taurus and Renault expected to end at the end of the season, negotiations with Mercedes do not appear to have reached an agreement. Part of the management of Daimler AG would have refused to come to the aid of a rival team.

Maurizio Arrivabene, Team Principal of Scuderia Ferrari, recalled in The Guardian that the Prancing Horse was ready to power the single-seaters of the Red Bull. “Red Bull has some big names, with Adrian Newey as chief designer, and it’s reasonable to think they will produce a formidable chassis. They should be very competitive. My team knows their job so I have no problem with it. Competition is great when you have strong opponents.”, indicated the Italian.

However, the director of the Scuderia did not confirm anything. “It doesn’t mean we’ll give our engines to Red Bull tomorrow, but I don’t mind giving our engine to any team. This is not the right competitive spirit, which is what Ferrari represents. We fight with everyone”, specified Maurizio Arrivabene.

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