Australian GP brought forward to March 20

The organizers of the Australian Grand Prix have indicated that the opening event of the 1 F2016 World Championship should be contested from March 17 to 20.

Published on 30/09/2015 à 13:28

Pierre Tassel

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Australian GP brought forward to March 20

En last april, the organizers of the Australian event of the World Championship of F1 had indicated that the opening race of the 2016 season would be held on 3th April, almost two weeks later than the dates usually seen in recent seasons.

While the World Motor Sport Council is being held today in Paris, Melbourne has just indicated that The 2016 Australian Grand Prix is ​​scheduled to take place March 17-20, this doing “part of several changes to the schedule planned by the World Council. »

More information regarding the face of the 2016 calendar should emerge during the day.

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