Lowdon: “Abu Dhabi will be my last race”

Manor sporting director Graeme Lowdon confirmed in Brazil that Abu Dhabi would be his last race with the team.

Published on 13/11/2015 à 21:45

Pierre Tassel

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Lowdon: “Abu Dhabi will be my last race”

As AUTOhebdo reported in its issue 2036, the departure of John Booth, Team Principal and Graeme Lowdon, Manor Sports Director was recorded on the sidelines of the Mexican Grand Prix, the two men carrying out their duties until the evening of the Abu Dhabi final on November 29.

This Friday in Brazil, Graeme Lowdon spoke on the subject during the day's press conference. “ Yes, Abu Dhabi will be my last race with the team and rather than focusing on the reasons, I prefer to emphasize that the most important task this year was to ensure that the team continues the competition. My confidence in the team never wavered. We have worked very hard to ensure that the team is able to continue.

We had a lot of support. This is probably my only opportunity to thank a few people who were instrumental for the team to continue its activity and between November, December and January, we have a lot of help from Bernie Ecclestone in particular, and also from Jean Todt, and everyone, both in governance and on the commercial side, has been constructive during the period, and the team would not have survived without it.

Help from Ferrari was also instrumental, not just in the team surviving and getting a power partnership quickly, but with the involvement of James Allison. And of course the stable members: we put together a team very quickly, and that wouldn't have happened if we hadn't been able to attract many of those who had been with the stable in previous years. »

Manor must evolve next year with the Mercedes Power Unit
, but concerns now weigh on the future of training.

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