Mario Isola (Pirelli) “No warnings or vibrations detected”

Mario Isola, head of Pirelli, gave the official point of view of F1's sole manufacturer, after the various incidents that hit Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll in Baku.

Published on 07/06/2021 à 14:05

Pierre Tassel

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Mario Isola (Pirelli) “No warnings or vibrations detected”

Max Verstappen lost everything in Baku in the final laps. © DPPI / A. Vincent

Pirelli tires were the talk of the town in Baku... but clearly not as the Italian manufacturer hoped. Main victim of tire failure, Max Verstappen (Red Bull) who seemed set for another victory this year, but who lost everything in the incident.

Almost identical scenario earlier in the event for Lance stroll (Aston Martin), also forced to retire after an accident on the long pit straight after seeing a tire give up the ghost. Enough to inevitably ask questions around Pirelli envelopes.

“We need to clearly establish the facts behind the incidents involving Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen to fully understand what happened, underlined Mario Isola, head of the Milanese firm.

What we can say for now is that there was also a cut detected on the tire of Hamilton and that it is the right rear tire which is more stressed than the left rear on this track.

No warnings or vibrations were detected and none of the other tires with similar or higher mileage showed signs of excessive wear. We therefore cannot exclude that the damage was caused by an external factor. We can understand the need for answers. »

Understand possible tire damage due to debris on track. A situation which in all cases led to a major rebound at the end of the race in Azerbaijan.

Discover the full report and analysis of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, produced by our special correspondent in Baku, in AUTO issue 2315hebdo, available this evening in digital version and this Wednesday on newsstands.

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