Nick Chester unfavorable to standard customer engine

Nick Chester is concerned about the possible implementation of a standard customer engine in the coming seasons. The technical director of Lotus F1 Team fears that the balance of performance will be a headache.

Published on 10/11/2015 à 17:39


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Nick Chester unfavorable to standard customer engine

Nick Chester, Lotus technical director F1 Team, expressed its fears following the FIA's proposal to implement a standard customer engine from 2017. The Federation wants to help the smallest teams on the F1 grid in financial difficulty after Ferrari vetoed it by opposing the establishment of a floor price for customer engines.

“It’s a basket of crabs,” warned the stable engineer.enstone. “Two thirds of the Championship would be very difficult to manage. There would be many difficulties to overcome in order to balance (performance) and complications would multiply with engines with such different characteristics. »

Nick Chester, on the other hand, was reassuring about the 2016 season of Lotus F1 Team, while the confirmation of the acquisition of Renault is always waiting.

“We are well advanced in the design process and most of the work has been accomplished. We have learned a lot over the last two seasons and all this knowledge will be used in the car of next year. There has not been a huge development on the E23 Hybrid (from the 2015 season) and we were thus able to dedicate part of our staff to the 2016 frame. The manufacturing of certain elements is already underway and we are now focusing on the final details”, added the technical director of Lotus F1 Team.

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