Trevor Carlin appeals

After the tragic accident which cost the life of Justin Wilson, the question of pilot protection has once again come to the forefront. Trevor Carlin is calling for this.

Published on 26/08/2015 à 11:57

Pierre Tassel

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Trevor Carlin appeals

The death of Justin Wilson, following head injuries after being struck by debris from the car by Sage Karam during the Pocono 500 mile event in Pennsylvania last Sunday, has reignited the debate on driver head protection.

On the blog of his team's website, Trevor Carlin, boss of the British team that bears his name, strongly hopes that the world of motorsport will find solutions to deal with the problem. “While motorsport is safe as it has never been and will never be without risks due to its very nature, if there are obvious solutions we should act on them and we must do so quickly and with a serious intention.

The death of such a beloved competitor as Justin Wilson, who was as we know, more than a racing driver, shows how such tragedies bring our community together and how we come together to support those affected.

We should use this spirit and the power, know-how and resources of this industry to work together and find solutions to the most obvious risks. There is no reason why a system cannot be designed and produced to match all modern single-seaters, an F4 driver being subject to the same risk as a racing driver.IndyCar."

Trevor Carlin's full post can be viewed here (in English).

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