The Kers is ready for use at BMW!

Published on 07/05/2009 à 19:34

Pierre Tassel

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The BMW-Sauber team is the first to officially declare that its Kers energy recovery system is already ready for use in Melbourne, the first round of the World Championship. F1.

The president of BMW Motorsport, Mario Theissen, has in fact affirmed that the concerns of the German-Swiss team no longer concern the development and reliability of the Kers from now on, but rather its effects on the balance of the chassis and lap times. .

“We now have a Kers ready for use, that is to say we are sure and certain of its reliability and its good performance. However, the total weight of the system, which is a little more than around thirty kilos, has a certain impact on the distribution of masses and therefore the balance of the car and the wear of the tires. This is what we still need to finalize; we are not yet able to say that it will be well used in Melbourne. ", did he declare.

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