Toyota in F1 until 2012? at least !

Published on 07/05/2009 à 19:34

Pierre Tassel

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One thing is certain, Toyota has never really shone and has still not won the slightest victory in eight seasons spent in F1. This terrible observation does not seem to affect the Japanese manufacturer too much, however, since the latter intends to remain in the premier category at least until 2012 and continues to display great ambitions, according to John Howett, president of Toyota. Motorsport.

“Winning is our reason for being. We will continue to fight to get there, as long as possible,” insisted Howett last Wednesday in Barcelona. "Toyota intends to stay in F1 until at least 2012, and perhaps much longer," he said.

After promising tests in Bahrain, Jerez and Barcelona, ​​where the TF109 collected the places of honor, Toyota indeed seems to be in great shape and able to fight at the front this season, even if it is obviously too early yet to be able to confirm it.

“We seem more competitive than we've ever been this time of year. We're being singled out as the only team that will leave if they don't win, but if you look at the general economic climate, all the teams need to be scrutinized. All need to perform very well and all are under the same pressure,” said the president of Toyota Motorsport.

Since its beginnings in 2002, Toyota has had one of the largest budgets on the board. This year it is estimated at around 370 million euros, a small fortune which does not prevent the Toyota team from chasing its first victory, which it hopes to obtain this year to enhance the sporting image of the brand...

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