Lamera Cup Dijon-Prenois: indisputable victory for Team Lamera

Wilfried Merafina, his sons Matteo and Thomas and Pierre Couasnon are the strong men of the 2023 Lamera Cup. They demonstrated it again on the very demanding Dijon-Prenois circuit by achieving an undisputed victory.

Published on 21/10/2023 à 18:38

Dominique Dricot

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Lamera Cup Dijon-Prenois: indisputable victory for Team Lamera

The podium of the Lamera Cup race on the Dijon-Prenois Circuit / © Dominique Dricot

On a dry track from one end to the other (the rain which had disrupted qualifying the day before faded in favor of an autumn sun), the Lamera number 1 of the eponymous team nevertheless set off from 13th place on the grid in the morning due to a Super Pole upset by showers.

What does it matter! In the hands of Wilfried Merafina, the car found itself at the front in just a few laps, with its teammates completing equally impressive stints thereafter. 2nd of the first morning slot of 3:30 a.m., Team Lamera was even more brilliant by comfortably winning the 4h30 afternoon race.

And if this demonstration did not suffer the slightest dispute, the outcome proved to be breathtaking for the other two steps of the podium. Less than 5 tenths separated the Lamera 65 of Alma R-Tremblaye, driven in the last moments by Ludovic Loeul from the 73 L'Auto Leclerc.- entrusted at the same time to Emmanuel Orgeval.

On this difficult track, the competitors in the Elite category showed their talent. But those entered in Pro-Am were not unworthy.

The proof is the 7th place in the Race Track Competition. As for the fastest Gentlemen, they lifted the Lamera 32 (Alma R-ID Society) to 15th place overall.

Now it's time for the final meeting of the season in Valencia (Spain) on November 11 and 12.

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