Romain Grosjean: “Not so happy since 2013”

The Dale Coyne Racing driver had a successful weekend in Indianapolis that reminded him of his F1 podium days with Lotus.

Published on 27/05/2021 à 12:39

Gonzalo Forbes

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Are you surprised to be fighting at the front so early in the season?

To tell you the truth, since the second free practice session in Barber, I felt that we had a really good rhythm on the roads. In fact, in qualifying, if I don't get caught up in traffic on my attempt, I think we could have made it to Fast6 (he started 7th). More generally, we had some pace in the first two races, but we had some technical problems that slowed us down. Here, I knew that I would quickly feel comfortable.

How do you explain your very good start in the series?

Actually, I just like the feeling this car gives me. It's similar to my 2011 GP2 car, which is the type of car I've always been competitive with. And Honda and Firestone also helped me understand how to be fast in IndyCar, telling me what I should do and what I should avoid. That's the combination of reasons why you get good at it so quickly. As a rookie, I'm also lucky enough to have extra testing days. And then my ten years in F1 served me well, because I had to learn to adapt to really different cars, some very competitive, some really bad, and I know how to change my driving style depending on the car I'm given.

What did you learn from your first two races?

In Barber, I learned that in IndyCar you have to push from the first to the last lap. In F1, after the start, you push a few laps and then things settle down, you start managing your tires, saving fuel, whereas here with the yellow flags, the pitlane closing, everything can change very quickly. Even if you have a 7 or 8 second lead in the first part of the race, that's not why you've won the race. I checked that today (Saturday).

Gonzalo Forbes

In charge of promotion formulas (F2, F3, FRECA, F4...). Carried by the grace of Franco Colapinto.

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